Governor Fallin issues wave of appointments
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Published: 25-Mar-2011

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin issued a wave of executive appointments on Friday (March 25), including a former state Senator from Tulsa.

 At the start of what will apparently be a steady stream of names coming from her office on the second floor of the state Capitol, the chief executive continued to fill out posts under her control. The eclectic group was named Friday morning, and all are up for slots requiring state Senate confirmation.

 Charles Ford of Tulsa, owner of a real estate investment and construction company -- and a former state senator -- was appointed to the Board of Trustees for Oklahoma State University-Tulsa. Ford is replacing the late Betty Boyd. 

 Martha A. Burger of Oklahoma City, a senior vice president of human and corporate resources at Chesapeake Energy, was appointed to the State Board of Health as an at-large member.  Burger is replacing Michael D. Anderson, who resigned.

 Janet L. Kunze of Oklahoma City, an environmental consultant, has been appointed to the state Environmental Quality Board. Kunze serves as a representative of the conservation districts of Oklahoma and is replacing Richard Wuerflein.

 G. Stephen Mason of Oklahoma City, chief executive officer of Cardinal Engineering Inc., has been re-appointed to the state Environmental Quality Board.  Mason serves as a representative of the hazardous waste industry.

 John T. Longacre of Kellyville, president of Taft Motors Inc., has been re-appointed to the Oklahoma Used Motor Vehicle and Parts Commission. Longacre will serve as board chairman and an at-large member.

 “Each of the appointees announced today are leaders in their field who are dedicated to making Oklahoma a better place to live, work and raise a family,” Fallin said. “I appreciate these Oklahomans for offering their time and talent in order to serve their state.”

 Fallin also announced nominees for six slots on the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority. They are:

· District 1: G. Carl Gibson of Norman, current COO of Inoveon Corp; replaces Douglas F. Riebel, and

· District 2: Kenneth G. Adams of Bartlesville, chairman of the Adams Investment Company; replaces Mike Leonard, and

· District 3: Albert C. “Kell” Kelly of Bristow, president and CEO of Spirit Bank; replaces Hal Ellis, and

· District 4: Kevin Hern of Tulsa, owner of KTAK corporation; replaces Clark Brewster, and

· District 5: E. Gene Love of Lawton, CEO of Millennium Solutions Group; replaces C. Kendrick Fergeson, and

· District 6: David A. Burrage of Durant, attorney; re-appointed. 

“Maintaining and repairing our turnpikes and transportation infrastructure is important to our citizens and important to Oklahoma’s economy,” said Fallin. “I’m very pleased that we have been able to find so many qualified, dedicated community leaders to serve on the turnpike authority and to ensure the OTA is competently and efficiently run.”

 The first meeting of the reconstituted Turnpike Authority for the Fallin Era will take place at 10:45 a.m. this Monday (March 28) at the Neal A. McCaleb Building, 3500 Martin Luther King Avenue in Oklahoma City.

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