From Oklahoma City Public Schools – Final Criteria Data for ‘Pathway to Greatness’

On Friday, December 21, Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) released what a press release called “our final sets of criteria data as we continue our work to redesign our district for the future through our Pathway to Greatness (P2G) Project. Our top priority for our resources must be providing equitable learning opportunities for our students to achieve our vision of every student graduating ready to fulfill their unique purpose in a healthy, vibrant community.”

In an effort to make a data-informed decision, the release sasid, OKCPS is assembling data related to each of the criteria contained within Policy D-12. This data will help OKCPS and the public understand how facilities differ from one another in relation to each criteria. Data for each criteria will be released by OKCPS as it becomes available.
The district’s release said that each data release will include a one-page explanation and summary tables showing how the collected data varies by school across the District. Maps showing the location of all elementary, middle and high schools are also provided with this summary document, along with a Criteria Checklist that will communicate the release timing of each set of criteria.

Friday’s release focused on information related to Academic Performance, Community Services and Program Considerations. Online access to further information is linked below. 

Academic Performance Criteria Data (
Community Services Criteria Data

Program Consdierations Criteria Data 

P2G will, the release from Courtney Morton, M.Ed., said, take place in three phases: “1) data gathering and scenario planning, 2) community input, and 3) leadership decision making. The data, based on District Policy D-12, will serve as a starting point for discussions with our students’ families and OKCPS community. Those conversations will inform District leadership decisions as we develop a path forward to improve our system and provide equitable access to opportunities that our students deserve. Then, in January 2019, leaders will bring three ‘pathways’ or proposals forward to the Superintendent for consideration; in March 2019 the Superintendent will recommend one path for a vote by the Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education that aligns with the collective vision for the future of OKCPS.”

In comments sent in the press release, Superintendent D. Sean McDaniel said, “We are pleased to continue our commitment to transparency as work together with our families, staff and community to redesign Oklahoma City Public Schools for the future through the Pathway to Greatness Project. 
“As the next step, I will present the 3 paths being created to the Board of Education on January 22nd. OKCPS staff, families, and community can hear about the 3 paths and provide input by attending one of the community meetings being held in mid-January.”

Morton is the director of communications for school district, which is financed by city taxpayers.
The district’s release, sent to CapitolBeatOK and other news organizations, said, “We are pleased to continue our commitment to transparency as work together with our families, staff and community to redesign Oklahoma City Public Schools for the future.

“To learn more about the various pieces of our Pathway to Greatness — including previously released criteria data, survey results, a list of upcoming Community Meetings, Frequently Asked Questions — or to just leave a question or comment, please visit here (”