Franklin Center Statement on Saving Transparency Websites

Alexandria, VA – Jason Stverak, President of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, a leading national non-profit journalism organization that promotes transparency in government, released the following statement regarding the news that seven public websites aimed at sharing information with the public will be shut down as early as May due to funding cuts.

 The White House needs approximately $35 million to fund websites like and The House has come up with $2 million, the Senate with $20 million.

 “Although cutting spending is an admirable goal, the removal of key tools that allow citizens to ensure that their government is serving them effectively and efficiently is a fundamental mistake. The information on these websites is a valuable asset to the voting public and press. They serve as an instrument for ensuring transparency and accountability in their elected officials.

 In addition, the failure to continue these transparency sites is in direct conflict the campaign promises of this Administration as well as every member of the House and Senate.  The Franklin Center and all those who care about their government urge the White House and Congress to fund these websites so that our nation’s watchdogs can continue to do their jobs. We cannot allow transparency and our nation’s spending to be hidden from public view where mistakes and abuse can run rampant.”