Franklin Center applauds decision to withdraw FOIA Regulation

Alexandria, VA – Jason Stverak, President of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, a national nonprofit journalism organization, released the following statement regarding the news that the Justice Department has dropped the proposed Freedom of Information Act regulations that allows federal agencies to deceive the public and press who are seeking sensitive documents. 

The original proposal said that when an agency determined certain exclusions from FOIA apply, “the component utilizing the exclusion will respond to the request as if the excluded records did not exist. This response should not differ in wording from any other response given by the component.”

“The Franklin Center applauds the decision to withdraw this regulation. Misleading the American public and press is an injustice and does nothing to ensure that our government is accountable to the people it represents. In addition, this Administration campaigned on the ideals of promoting transparency and this regulation was in direct conflict of their campaign promises.

“The importance of national security cannot be overstated, however, it should not come at the cost of hindering the public’s right to know. We sincerely hope that this is just the first step that the Justice Department takes to improve transparency in our federal agencies.”