Fox and sound: Spelling it out
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Published: 08-Mar-2012

In the course of CapitolBeatOK’s on-going investigations into Oklahoma public schools, the following was found on the Fox Public School’s web site

It lists Fox Superintendent Brent Phelps whose total compensation package comes to $111,372. 

The web site lists Phelps as principal and “superentendent.”

Ty Harmon is listed as Tri-County  “Superentendent.”
It lists Gordon Queener as an “intermediant math” teacher.

It lists Mark Williams as “Elementry Pincipal”.

It lists Alisha Walker as “Kindergarden Teacher.”

Bea Butler is Supt. Secretory/Treasurer.

The web site author is not named.

The school teaches 119 junior and senior high school students and 223 elementary students.

The City of Fox is located in Carter County.

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