For the record: CapitolBeatOK’s past reporting on Dr. Ed Shadid

In Oklahoma City’s Ward 2 city council race, two candidates are competing in the April 5 runoff. Three other positions were decided in the primary a few weeks ago. 

 In Ward 2, Dr. Ed Shadid and Charlie Swinton are the last two hopefuls remaining from a competitive six-candidate race with higher spending and more acrimony than has been typical of most city council races over past decades. Council races this year triggered not only significant spending by candidates themselves, but a wave of independent expenditures in all four council races. 

 A group called the “Committee for Oklahoma City Momentum” has criticized Shadid in mailers sent to Ward 2 voters. Dr. Shadid has been highly critical of this year’s surge of independent expenditures, and Swinton has asked that independent spending cease. 

 A post card that arrived at many Ward 2 voters’ homes today (Thursday, March 24) is highly critical of Shadid’s record and views.  In that mailer, CapitolBeatOK is listed as a source for information. 

 The citations made to this website’s reporting seem to fall into the “fair use” realm. Still, to be clear, this writer knows both Swinton and Shadid, respects each man for his willingness to serve and face the voters’ judgment, and takes no public position on the race. 

 As an independent and non-partisan news website, CapitolBeatOK does not support or oppose candidates for political office. CapitolBeatOK has reported on Dr. Shadid three times. Readers who are so inclined are encouraged to absorb the full context of the stories. 

 The first news article, in June 2010, sketched the context of Shadid’s independent campaign challenging incumbent Republican state Representative David Dank in House District 85, on the near northside of Oklahoma City. 

 The second article was a detailed report on the local visit of consumer activist Ralph Nader, a trip Shadid sponsored which drew a full House to a northwest Oklahoma City hotel ballroom on a stormy night in September 2010. 

 The final story touching Dr. Shadid came a couple of weeks before the general election in November, reporting on the final stages of the campaign among Dank, Shadid and Democratic nominee Gail Vines.  Rep. Dank prevailed in that election.