First Monday: Advent Aspirations, November 29. Remembering a son at war

During the war In Iraq, I was consumed with worry over our middle son, who was serving in the U. S. Army’s Third Infantry Division, at “the point of the spear.”For the first time ever, I developed high blood pressure.

My dear wife, however, prayed with confidence for God’s protection of our son and his comrades. He carried into combat a small pocket “Micah Bible,” a gift from one of our friends. He wore the pocket Bible over his heart, over there. Over here, his mother referenced and spoke aloud with confidence the Book of Micah, chapter 6, verse 8.

When he returned safely to us — after fierce combat on the Euphrates River and in the first group of American soldiers to reach Baghdad – he told members of our parish that despite the horrors of combat, “I was never afraid because I knew my mother was praying to God for me. I believe she asked Our Lady to intercede and protect me.”

Give me now, O Lord, such faith as hers, to trust in You, always. Lead me to respect legitimate authority and to oppose abusive authority with integrity and respect. Grant me wisdom, peace of mind, discernment and compassion in daily living. Guide me along Micah’s way – to do justice, love goodness, and walk humbly with You. And, if it is Your will, ease the pain I feel, in body and soul. Amen.