Fifth Congressional District, Republican Runoff: For Stephanie Bice

On August 25, Republicans in Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District must discern whether or not to nominate their best option to present a serious challenge to incumbent Democratic U.S. Rep. Kendra Horn.

State Sen. Stephanie Bice, an experienced public servant with a solid conservative record, is the candidate best positioned to make the case for a change.

Senator Bice is pro-life, a defender of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, an energetic campaigner and a proven candidate.
She was a top GOP vote-getter in her last state Senate race, and ran second in a strong multi-candidate field in the June 30 primary.

Her opponent has sought public office before, and was defeated. There is no dishonor in that, but it should be kept in mind to answer the question in voters minds:
Can she win in November?

Stephanie Bice is a winner and a leader. She is a woman of integrity and determination.

The City Sentinel supports the nomination of Stephanie Bice to face the incumbent in November.