Everybody’s life matters.

The murder of a deputy sheriff in Texas is being blamed on anti-cop and anti-white rhetoric that is out of control.

And if ever there was a hate crime, how about the killings of two reporters on live TV, shot by a former colleague who claimed he was discriminated against for being black and being homosexual.

Because of street gangs, most minority killings are black-on-black shootings, yet the media help depict police as bigots who want to find and kill young black men.

New Black Panther members have publicly marched carrying guns and chanting, “off the pigs.” And some black leaders openly call for killing whites.

Some African-American ministers beg their community to address its own dysfunctions, but those who get the media attention are activists who depict minorities as victims oppressed by white society.

Yes, black lives matter, but so do everybody else’s lives.

Elsewhere in the news:

It’s a happy day for labor unions. Or is it?

The National Labor Relations Board decrees that local business franchises can be considered “joint employers” with their big-name corporations. Labor unions cheered. For decades, unions have grown among public employees, but dramatically shrunk in the private sector.

By treating hundreds of franchises as one business, the NLRB opens the door to unionizing, such as all workers at all McDonald’s, creating one big national contract on worker pay and benefits.

This impacts labor costs for all franchises, not just fast food like McDonalds, Arby’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King and so forth. Already, many are automating, like with electronic menus on kiosks, doing away with order-taking jobs. There’s even a machine that cooks hamburgers to order.

The NLRB decision makes it cost more to hire workers, so business is ready to hire fewer, and let machines make up the difference.

Finally, as school resumes, so does nonsense on some campuses.

Public schools in Dickson County, Tennessee, decided the way to ban Confederate flags was by banning all flags. Yes, even Old Glory, our American flag, got banned.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is asking college football teams not to have team chaplains.

At the University of Wisconsin, a school official proposed amnesty for students who shoplift, especially meaning no prosecution for minorities, because it creates the image of a police state. He claimed shoplifting is no big deal since stores like Wal-Mart and Target have insurance.

Santa Clara University suggests that if you think someone’s behavior shows bias, you should call the police by dialing 9-1-1.

And Rutgers told students that there is no such thing as free speech, because it’s like a psychological attack on your classmates.

Back to school time always brings campus craziness.