EPIC Charter School Student spotlight: Randel Ludwig

Students and families choose Epic Charter School for a variety of reasons. Some of our students are exceptional, while others might be considered struggling.

At a young age, Randel Ludwig was diagnosed with multiple developmental disabilities including narcolepsy and Tourette’s.

Epic’s personalized learning model gave Randel a chance to excel, and just a few weeks ago, he graduated high school in style. Over his four years at Epic, Randel managed to cultivate quite a scholarly wardrobe.
Along with his cap and gown, Randel earned a National Honor Society hood, a STUCO stole, an Oklahoma Academic scholar cord, a Superintendent’s Honor Roll cord and a Salutatorian medal.

This fall, Randel is headed to The University of Oklahoma Honors College.
“Epic helped us get here,” said his mother, Amanda.

In a reflection sent to CapitolBeatOK, staff at Epic Charter Schools said: “Our goal is to help students like Randel turn their hard work into opportunity that will carry them through their lifetime. We couldn’t be prouder of Randel’s success, and we can’t wait to see where he goes from here.”