Economist Arthur Laffer endorses James Lankford in U.S. Senate race

OKLAHOMA CITY – U.S. Rep. James Lankford’s work fighting for reduced government spending and a balanced budget has won him the endorsement of economist and Ronald Reagan advisor, Arthur Laffer. Lankford, R-Oklahoma City, is seeking the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate being vacated by Tom Coburn.

Wednesday (June 18), Laffer released the following statement endorsing James Lankford:
“At a time of economic malaise that we have not seen since the 1970s it is critical that we elect champions of pro-growth economic policies to positions of power like James Lankford.  He understands that the way to grow our economy is to keep taxes, regulation and litigation low to empower the greatest job creating engine the world has ever seen; the American entrepreneur.” 

Arthur Laffer, Founder and Chairman of Laffer Associates, former member of President Ronald Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board, June 18, 2014.
“I am honored to have Art Laffer’s endorsement,” Lankford said in a campaign press release, “As someone who is experienced in growing the economy, I am grateful that he recognizes the work I have already done to eliminate burdensome federal regulations and protect small businesses and he trusts that my conservative solutions will create real economic growth.”

According to his campaign release, Lankford has fought in Congress for a free market where businesses can grow: “He has worked to promote innovation in energy and fought against burdensome unfunded federal mandates on local businesses.” 

Lankford said, “Government functions best when it is small and accountable to the people, I am committed to combating overregulation, working on real solutions to grow our economy and making sure Americans get to keep more of their hard earned money.”

Lankford’s pro-growth policies and commitment to protecting small business has also won him the endorsement of the Business and Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC), an alliance of business and industry leaders from Oklahoma and across the nation.

Rep. Lankford has also been endorsed by other conservative leaders such as former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-California, Jay Sekulow. He is also supported by his colleague Trey Gowdy, R-South Carolina, chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi.