Doak issues insurance disaster declaration

by Patrick B. McGuigan

Published 02-Feb-2011

As a massive winter storm and near-record snowfall rolled through the state yesterday (February 1), Oklahoma Commissioner of Insurance John Doak promulgated an emergency declaration to allow rapid issuance of special licenses to adjusters responding to the crippling storm.

An accompanying order explained state law allows him to “issue a license as an emergency adjuster to any resident or nonresident applicant.”

The work of emergency adjusters is, under state law, limited to claims connected with a declared disaster. Duration of emergency licenses are limited to 90 days, but can be extended for additional 90 days.

Doak’s authority is found in Title 36 of state law, and is linked to authority to issue emergency declarations and to events found “in the event of a catastrophe.”

The full text of Doak’s declaration and order an be viewed at the department website, or here.

The emergency management process began when Governor Mary Fallin declared an emergency Monday afternoon, several hours before the storm rolled into Oklahoma. The impact of the blizzard that peaked late Monday and early Tuesday is still being assessed.

At least 11 inches fell at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City over about 18 hours, nearly matching the all-time record of more than 12 inches that accompanied the 2009 Christmas Eve storm. Today, after closing during the night Monday/Tuesday, Will Rogers Airport reopened with a single runway operational.