David B. Hooten for Oklahoma County Clerk

In the upcoming election, voters in Oklahoma County are reminded to look ‘down-ballot’ to vital offices impacting our communities and collective quality of life. Since entering office, 
David B. Hooten has totally automated the Oklahoma County Clerk’s Office with Twenty-First century technology.

Hooten built an ALERT system so that if your name is on a document filed in the County Clerk Office you are automatically notified free of charge. 

Hooten placed all documents online so they can be viewed from anywhere and downloaded. No need to come downtown and pay to park.

Hooten has all forms online in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. 

Hooten created a nationally award-winning program called YOUTH IN GOVERNMENT. Students come to the county and are taught civics and tour the building as well as the OKC Museum of Art. Three elected and others speak to the students about their future In government! This program is partnered with Junior Achievement, OKC Public School Foundation, and OKC Museum of Art.

As Oklahoma County Clerk, David Hooten has placed all deeds online (OKCC.Online) for easy access and timely service.  

The City Sentinel endorses David Hooten for another term as Oklahoma County Clerk.