Congresswoman Stephanie Bice hosts Oklahoma County Sheriff Tommie Johnson as her guest at the president’s State of the Union address

Washington, D.C.- On Tuesday afternoon (February 7) Congresswoman Stephanie Bice of Oklahoma announced that her guest for the State of the Union address would be Sheriff Tommie Johnson III. Mr. Johnson is an Oklahoma native and a decorated law enforcement officer.

Johnson began his law enforcement career with the University of Oklahoma Police Department. In 2015, he joined the Norman Police Department, where he has been promoted to the rank of Master Police Officer and was recently honored with the City of Norman Police Department’s Centennial Award.

After being elected in 2021, he is currently serving as the Sheriff for Oklahoma County.

Bice, whose Fifth District congressional seat includes much of Oklahoma County, sent the following statement to

“It is my honor to welcome Sheriff Tommie Johnson III as my guest to the State of the Union address . … As the elected sheriff for Oklahoma County, Tommie has tirelessly served his community as a law enforcement officer.

“Tommie is dedicated to keeping Oklahoma county safe and has worked to implement responsible policing practices while combating rising crime in recent years. I am grateful for the work of Sheriff Johnson and thrilled to have him join me in Washington.”

Sheriff Johnson issued the following statement:

“I am honored that Congresswoman Bice invited me as her guest for the State of the Union. Law enforcement officers have a duty to responsibly serve their communities and maintain close partnerships with local, state, and federal government officials.

It is vital that we maintain funding for police agencies across the state of Oklahoma and work to combat crime in a safe and transparent manner. I am truly blessed for this opportunity.”