COMMENTARY: Shortey, and the fork in the road

Do as I say not as I do. I often heard this as a child. Usually, it was about smoking. This week it has come up again. “Guess what Shortey was caught doing?” That’s how it all started. Truthfully, It was the tackiness of it all that got to me. Craigslist, Motel 8, and the like. The only thing that seemed to be missing was a 30 pack of Natty Light.
Shortey and I have been on the opposite end of many issues now for years. Like most people, I was surprised. I won’t lie. Many years in the restaurant business have taught me that people do some pretty strange stuff. I owned a restaurant in Kansas City that had a Lesbian bar on one side and a Gay bar two store fronts over. Many people came from the suburbs to hook up on the weekends. The child seats in the cars always bothered me a bit. Really, is it any of my business?
Self-righteous indignation is where the fork in the road begins. I honestly don’t care what you do with your life. Don’t hurt other people. What two or three consenting adults choose to do, is their business. If you have been preaching against the LGBTQ Community and trying to change drug laws the people voted for, and you are caught in this web contradicting the aforementioned, I have a problem with you.
I don’t care if Shortey likes men, or if he is bisexual as long as his wife knows. If she doesn’t, then he is living a lie. This is another issue. Politically, he’s telling them what they want to hear to get their vote. But in real life, hiding these secret “urges.” That must be so difficult. We live in a very conservative part of the country. Shortey probably felt like he couldn’t be himself, period. No future in conservative politics for that lifestyle.
Then we have his wife and kids. Jeez… I feel terrible for them. The kids at school, I’m sure are being awful as only kids can be. How do you live this down? Except moving and acting like he died. What options has he left for them?
Then there is the young man. He needs real help. The good news is, his family and girlfriend realize this. Maybe, just maybe, this is where the low point in his life ends. Maybe Shortey is the low point of this young man’s life, where change begins.
Shortey will resign and maybe plead out. This may go away for now. I can’t forget reading those gross messages between him and the young man. Yuck, really, I’m pretty easy going but….yuck.
Will prison help? I think not. Under-funded and the exact atmosphere he seems to like. Plenty of young men to prey upon. Seems like prison may be a gift. I will pray for the families, though. But what I really want is to see people just be themselves. 

NOTE: Sean Cummings is an Oklahoma City businessman.