COMMENTARY: Give the tax hogs fewer opportunities
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Published: 12-Oct-2014

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Randy Grau, R-Edmond has an idea with which both candidates for governor of our state agree. The Edmond Republican would make a pretty significant change in the way our Legislature works.

Grau wants to hold a state budget session every-other-year; with all other proposed laws the next. Mary Fallin and Joe Dorman, both legislative veterans, say the idea is worth a serious look. It is interesting to have each agree that such a significant change in our state system is worth consideration.

State Treasurer Ken Miller thinks it’s a idea that would make recurring inaccuracies in state budget predictions or projections even more problematic. So, he’s against it.

Republicans who now run our state government ran promising to limit government the size of government. But the state now brings in more tax money than ever. Pressure for spending never ends, and taxes continue to rise both in raw dollars and in real terms.

My late colleague Deacon New, editorial writer for The Oklahoman, grew so disenchanted with the Legislature that he called the whole bunch, “tax hogs.”
So, as I remember New, I'm supporting an old idea.

It’s time for a serious look at states where the tax hogs only get to make spending decisions every other year. Concerning Randy Grau’s idea, I’m in the “Undecided, leaning in favor” column.

NOTE: This commentary was first broadcast on Radio Station KOKC, where McGuigan participates every Wednesday morning with “Mitchell in the Morning.” It has also appeared in the weekly newspaper, The City Sentinel. 

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