Clark Jolley withdraws from attorney general’s race to focus on caucus

By Patrick B. McGuigan

Published: 19-Mar-2010

State Sen. Clark Jolley of Edmond, a conservative Republican leader in the state Senate, announced today he is withdrawing from the race for Attorney General of Oklahoma. In a statement delivered to CapitolBeatOK, Sen. Jolley said:

“It has become clear to me that in order to mount a successful statewide race, I would have to neglect my duties as Senator for my district and forsake my responsibilities as a member of the leadership of the Senate Majority Caucus.

“Accordingly, I have reached the decision to remain in the Senate representing my district and forego a run for Attorney General at this time. I’m appreciative of the support I’ve received from people throughout the state and look forward to working with our next Attorney General to promote a positive environment for businesses in Oklahoma.”

Jolley visited with reporters in the state Capitol press room this afternoon. In response to questions, he said fundraising had been a challenge, but explained that more importantly he had concluded that a statewide race would take too much time away from his duties in the GOP caucus.

Jolley will face re-election to this state Senate post in 2012. If reelected he will face the 12-year term limit in 2016.

Among other measures he has boosted at the Capitol, Sen, Jolley is sponsor of legislation designed to intensify Oklahoma’s role in the worldwide fight against human trafficking.

Still seeking the state’s top law enforcement position are Republicans Ryan Leonard of Oklahoma City, an attorney, and former state Sen. Scott Pruitt of Broken Arrow, co-owner of the RedHawks minor league baseball franchise, and Democrat Jim Priest, an Oklahoma City lawyer.