‘Civics 101’ aims to fill the civics knowledge gap for countless American adults who never had civics in school

Phoenix, Arizona, via Newswire.com (Newswire.com) — The Sandra Day O’Connor Institute for American Democracy has announced the debut of “Civics 101” — a new, free, online civics course geared toward adult learners, countless numbers of whom never received civics education when they were in school.

The course will be rolled out in phases, with the first series, 12 micro-lessons — the Foundations of American Democracy — live and online now.


Each micro-lesson can be completed in less than 10 minutes, which is ideal for adults with busy schedules who want to learn when they have free time, and at their own pace.

“We heard over and over from adults, some of whose children were learning civics in school, that they wanted the opportunity to enhance their own civics knowledge,” said Institute Director of Civic Education Ben Maynard.

“We created Civics 101 to fill that unmet need.”

The micro-lessons, available now, take learners on a civics-education journey, beginning with the role of the U.S. government, to learning about the enduring significance of the U.S. Constitution, to a study of the three branches of government, to an exploration of how states and municipalities are run.

At the end of each micro-lesson, an optional “Digging Deeper” section encourages users to contemplate the real-world applications of the knowledge they have just attained.

“Adults have long deserved a free resource like Civics 101,” said Matt Feeney, chair of the O’Connor Institute’s Board of Directors.

“This civics material is rich and serious and important, but it’s also accessible and presented in an engaging manner.”

Additional civics micro-lessons will be added, including topics such as the election process and citizenship.

Note: Pat McGuigan adapted this press release from a Newswire.com press release.

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“Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has long said that when it comes to civics education, American society cannot be complacent,” said Institute President & CEO Sarah Suggs.

“Civics 101 is a way for adults to support their desire to learn more about civics and for all of us to be our best citizens.”

Civics 101 is available free of charge at www.CivicsforLife.org.

Notes: According to a press release from the organization, “Founded in 2009 by retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the O’Connor Institute — a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) — continues her distinguished legacy and lifetime work to advance American democracy through multigenerational civil discourse, civic engagement and civics education. Visit www.OConnorInstitute.org for more information.” As a researcher and judicial reform advocate, Pat McGuigan — publisher and founder of CapitolBeatOK.com — covered O’Connor’s nomination and confirmation process in 1981, and then her work on the High Court, during his decade in the nation’s capital city. CapitolBeatOK.com, founded in 2009, is an independent, non-partisan and locally-managed news service based in Oklahoma City.