CapitolBeatOK Founder and City Sentinel publisher on recent power and internet outages

Oklahoma City – The last two weeks have been challenging for news organizations around Oklahoma. And for, the online news service I founded in 2009, and The City Sentinel newspaper, where I am publisher, that has been especially true.

We experienced our share of the widespread power failure after storm damage in the week before the election, recapturing power (and Internet service) sporadically, then losing it again, in the days before and after the presidential, congressional, local and other races (and a pair of statewide ballot questions and nine important city propositions) were concluded. 

While we had little control over our availability over the past two two weeks, I sincerely regret not getting to you regularly the daily posts of international, national and local news stories/commentaries. And, above all, we are sorry to be late with important community and state stories for our faithful readers. 

At the risk of overstatement, we appear to be back on track.
We are undertaking modest steps to upgrade both CapitolBeatOK and The City Sentinel websites. 
The November print edition of the locallly-owned independent newspaper for which I am publisher was, somewhat remarkably, on-time thanks to our printer, staff, and delivery operations. 

Stay with us as the city (and many parts of the state) recover from both the storm and the aftermath of a divisive presidential election.