California judges with traditional values are purged, and consumers could pay more for blinds

Washington, D.C. – California does not want judges who believe in being:

Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and

Those virtues are recited in the Boy Scout Law. 

But California’s Supreme Court unanimously decreed that it is unethical for judges to be involved with Scouting. Any who don’t quit Scouting will be removed from the bench.

It’s because Scouting does not allow leaders who are gay or lesbian. Yes, Scouting accepts boys who say they are gay, but adds that is only if they stay celibate.

So they’re purging any judge who might not support the homosexual movement’s campaign to re-define our values.

The people who should be ousted are those justices with such little tolerance that they treat traditional and historic values as unethical or downright hateful.

Fantasyland is no longer just part of California. It has taken over the entire state.

Elsewhere in the news, Federal regulators may force consumers to pay $1-billion extra when they buy window blinds.

Yes, I said window blinds. Venetian blinds. Window shades. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is looking at a ban on blinds that have cords to adjust the shades. That’s over 3/4ths of the 150-million units sold each year.

Their internal report says consumers will pay $2 to $9 extra to buy cordless blinds. With 150-million transactions each year, that comes to an extra billion dollars.

Activists say it’s to protect kids. Each year 11 toddlers get tangled in the cords and strangle. That’s horrible. But it’s less than 1-tenth of 1 percent of 9,000 accidental childhood deaths each year.

It’s 11 deaths from among our 74-million juveniles, with 24-million under age six.

There are lots of ways families could apply a billion dollars to make their children safer.

 Is paying more for window blinds really the best way to spend it?