Brogdon’s pro-gun manufacturing bill clears Senate, heads to House

CapitolBeatOK Staff Report

Published: 05-Mar-2010

One day before gaining the endorsement of Gun Owners for America in his race for the Republican nomination for governor, state Sen. Randy Brogdon gained state Senate approval for the Oklahoma Firearms Freedom Act.

The measure passed Thursday (March 4) with overwhelming bipartisan support — a vote Brogdon says mirrors the values of most Oklahomans. The Senate approved Senate Bill 1685 on Wednesday on a vote of 39 to 3, after approving an amendment designed to boost gun manufacturing.

“As a private citizen and as a state senator, I believe it is important that we guard against the continued erosion of the Bill of Rights, including the right to protect ourselves and our families,” said Brogdon, an Owasso Republican. “This legislation reaffirms our Second Amendment rights.”

Under provisions of S.B. 1685, no firearms or ammunition manufactured in Oklahoma and remaining in the state could be subject to any federal regulations, including registration requirements.

“The benefits of this measure are actually two-fold. The first goal is protection of our Constitutional rights, but the second is to give further incentive to firearm manufacturers to consider Oklahoma for their operations,” Brogdon said in a release sent to CapitolBeatOK.

As it moves to the state House, the bill contains language that will put Oklahoma in a better position to attract high-paying manufacturing jobs, according to Sen. Jay Paul Gumm, a Democrat from Durant.

“Murray State College is home to one of the best gunsmith schools in the entire country. It just makes sense to use that particular resource we have as a means to attract jobs and industry, not just to my district but to all of Oklahoma,” Gumm said.

Gumm had previously passed legislation encouraging the Commerce Department to begin work on initiatives to attract gun manufacturing facilities. He has also authored legislation to protect manufacturers who may locate in Oklahoma from frivolous lawsuits. Gumm amended S.B. 1685 to ensure efforts to locate a gun manufacturer in Oklahoma would be a permanent part of the Department’s mission.

“A lot of gun manufacturers are in states that frankly are hostile to guns and individual gun ownership,” Gumm said in comments sent to CapitolBeatOK. “In Oklahoma, responsible gun ownership is part of our identity, and our laws and public policy reflect that attitude—it’s one that we should use to our advantage.”

Friday (March 5), in announcing the group’s support for Brogdon’s gubernatorial candidacy, Tim Macy of Gun Owners of America said, “State Senator Brogdon is a leader in protecting Second Amendment rights and in the battle against federal intrusion in Oklahoma.”

Macy, vice-chairman of the group’s Victory Fund, said, “Senator Brogdon stood up for states’ rights when he opposed the 2005 Real ID Act, a law that would have compromised the privacy of gun owners.”

Sen. Brogdon is seeking the Republican gubernatorial nomination against fifth district U.S. Rep. Mary Fallin.

Two Democrats, Attorney General Drew Edmondson and Lt. Gov. Jari Askins, have also announced for the state’s top elective post.