Brian Maughan for Oklahoma County Commissioner, District 2

Brian Maughan, the incumbent, is seeking another term as Oklahoma County Commissioner.  

1. At a time of stress and challenge for local governments, Brian Maughan has practical experience, and a thorough knowledge of how county government works. His opponent has zero experience in government. District 2 should retain a capable commissioner, not trusting to slow motion on-the-job training for Maughan’s challenger. 

2. Maughan’s SHINE (Start Helping Impacted Neighborhoods Everywhere) was on the cutting edge of reform, offering a positive ‘diversion’ program for offenders – sentenced to community service and productive activity. Commission Maughan put criminal justice reform into action long before others began to even talk about it. Neighborhood- and constituent-oriented, SHINE is a bright spot in Oklahoma. 

3. Maughan has such solid electoral name identification (I.D.) and understanding of governance that he could stick to essential job requirements and probably get by for years to come. Instead, a servant’s heart has led him well beyond the basics, creating programs like red cedar and graffiti removal. Maughan understands government, and understands service. 

4. Brian was the first to propose an independent jail trust. Without rehearsing past differences about the best way forward, he had the brightest of ideas – taking a new approach to thorny issues of jail governance and management. He is the right man to assure that this vital work is finished.

5. Brian’s opponent is part of a group claiming to search for “social justice” – while Maughan has been seeking it all his tenure. His critics want power in county government, but know little or nothing about the operations of government.

6. From day one Brian has been a stalwart defender of all taxpayers. Years ago, as a brand new commissioner, he stood against other officeholders who sought raises during a recession.

The City Sentinel endorses Brian Maughan for reelection as District 2 Oklahoma County Commissioner.