Bobby Stem stars in ‘Fast Money’ – new video release and campaign from the Oklahoma Association of General Contractors

Pat McGuigan 

Oklahoma City – Just when you thought everything was gloom and doom … it’s not. 

The new campaign from the Association of Oklahoma General Contractors (AOGC) deemed ‘Fast Money’ has a simple goal: protect funds set aside to build and maintain the state’s infrastructure, even as members of the State Legislature debate how to solve the state budget crunch flowing from the worldwide Pandemic.

A new fun-to-watch video explains light-heartedly the process that follows decisions to award contracts to companies, so they can start start rebuilding Oklahoma roads and bridges. 
The ‘Fast Money’ video informs the viewer on how this positively affects the economy due to the hiring of people, ordering materials and purchasing and repairing equipment. 

Here’s a secret: All characters in the video are played by AOGC Executive Director Bobby Stem, which makes it even more entertaining.  Stem asserts that “no other tax dollar spurs Oklahoma’s economy as FAST as the tax dollars allocated to repair, replace and maintain Oklahoma’s roads and bridges.” 
Hence the title. 

Rarely has more good heart been brought to a public relations marketing campaign. 
The final frames (is that the right term in the electronic age?) of the video, where Stem portrays himself, might actually accomplish something unusual and important: Make you believe that there are still places where tax dollars are spent honorably, ethically and for the intended purpose. 

It’s not a ‘spoiler’ to inform you of that, dear reader: As someone who has known Stem for many years I can say his penchant for entertainment is no surprise. 

The message of “Fast Money” is to represent how quickly these contracts can change the lives of the many people involved by giving them work. 
AOGC contends (consistently, and has done so for many years) that no other tax dollar enters the Oklahoma economy as fast as the tax dollar spent on repairing and replacing roads and bridges. And, ultimately roads and bridges spending gives people who earn that money the ability to pay their rent, mortgage and put food on their table.

The Fast Money campaign also included a series of three postcards tied to the different key industries that are directly impacted by the “Fast Money” and which were signed by AOGC members and sent to legislators.

AOGC’s message is not complex: At the end of the day, Oklahomans are getting better, safer roads and bridges while also supporting one another. 

Here’s what you’ve probably been waiting for: 
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Disclosure: No creatures, humanoid or other, were harmed in production of this video and this review story.  Keep reading, Keep Watching and Keep Smiling.