Billy Coyle files as Democrat in 5th Congressional District race

By Patrick B. McGuigan

Published: 07-Jun-2010

Billy Coyle, an Oklahoma City attorney, formally joined the Fifth District congressional race today (Monday, June 7). He will face Tom Guild, a retired college professor, who also filed on Monday, in the July 27 Democratic primary. A large field of Republicans is also expected to file.

In an interview with News9 and CapitolBeatOK conducted Monday afternoon, Coyle said, “It’s time that Democrats stepped up and showed the people of Oklahoma that we’re ready to lead and we will fight for Oklahoma.” 

Coyle, criminal defense attorney and former U.S. Marine, said the key issues are jobs, energy policy and adequately supporting military veterans. He elaborated, “It’s time to get America and Oklahoma working again. We have to fight to keep jobs here in America, and bring back jobs that have gone overseas. We need an effective energy policy. People are tired of all the talk in Washington. Let’s get a sensible energy policy in place.”

Concerning support of military veterans, Coyle said, “If we’re going to fight in these foreign wars, then we need to provide our service personnel, our veterans, with the help and the support they deserve.”

Coyle said a Democrat can win the district this year: “We need to put a Democrat back in Congress, the first one in 35 years. The political environment is perfect for this. The people are tired of constant fighting; and they want to see a person of character in Congress. I am that person.”

Coyle continued, “I have absolutely no doubt that a Democrat can win this year. The real challenge is not for Democrats, but for incumbents in general or politicians in general. People are not necessarily interested in incumbents or politicians, they want to vote on the person, the best person on the ballot for each of these jobs.”

In support of his proposition, Coyle pointed to the strong races run in central Oklahoma by Jim Roth (Corporation Commission) and Andrew Rice (U.S. Senate) in 2008.

Asked for a realistic budget for a successful campaign, Coyle told this reporter, “It’s going to take a million dollars. Democrats have to step up to the plate to do what’s needed to win.” 

In a prepared statement distributed to reporters after Coyle filed, he said, “I love the state of Oklahoma and I look forward to representing all the people of the 5th district.” He said, “I’m tired of the partisan politics taking place in Washington while our economy remains stagnant, and jobs continue to be shipped overseas. This race is not about party affiliation.”

Coyle said, “No one came to me and said run for office. I am doing this because I am tired of big government, big insurance and big politics.”

Coyle plans to emphasize strong support of Oklahoma energy. “Energy is a priority. The time is now to quit depending on foreign oil when we have the solutions right here in Oklahoma, such as the abundance of natural gas and wind energy.” Coyle’s prepared release said he believes in providing incentives “for all phases of energy research and production.”