Association of Oklahoma General Contractors launches public information campaign
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Published: 02-Apr-2015

OKLAHOMA CITY - The Association of Oklahoma General Contractors (AOGC) today (April 2) unveiled a major public information campaign to make the case for sustained funding of the historic roads and bridges improvement funding of recent years.

The organization told CapitolBeatOK the campaign will include âa robust media buyâ to educate the public about the importance of infrastructure to Oklahoma's economy.

Bobby Stem, the AOGC executive director, said in a prepared statement:

"Oklahoma cannot turn around or delay the important work that is vital to building and maintaining our state's infrastructure. Our bridges are deteriorating; our roads are crumbling; and the traveling public needs to know that their roads and bridges are a priority. We have come a long way, no doubt, but we have so far left to go. We are asking the legislature to please not make a U-turn."

"The Association of Oklahoma General Contractors understands that Oklahoma is experiencing a very tough budget year. 

However, we know that we can stay on track with the promises we have made to the public through the Eight Year Construction Work plan.

"The decisions before the Legislature are not easy, and we commend our state's elected officials for their leadership and commitment to address these challenges. We simply ask that they allow us to continue building Oklahoma's future. We ask that they allow us to keep Oklahoma's economy moving. Allow us to remain focused on making travel safe, efficient and worthy of economic development."

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