Association of Oklahoma General Contractors backing Stinson, Kendrix and Dobrinski in Republican state House primary races
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Published: 25-Jun-2020

The Association of Oklahoma General Contractors (AOGC), an 85-year-old trade association representing all Oklahoma road and bridge builders, has announced endorsements in three Republican primary races.

Preston Stinson is the AOGC choice in state House District 96. 
“My experience with Stinson is that he is eager to learn,” AOGC Executive Director Bobby Stem said. “After reviewing the 8-year construction work plan, he immediately saw the value in a long-term plan that helped build Oklahoma’s infrastructure.”
Stinson has a background in construction and small business and has an innate drive to put Oklahomans back to work again.
“His conservative values and past experience working with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation makes him ready to hit the ground running when elected,” Stem continued. “Stinson was also particularly impressed with the accountability of the plan, and that its public distribution also increased the transparency of the department.”

In mid-June, AOGC announced support for Gerrid Kendrix in the Oklahoma House District 52 Republican primary. The seat is currently held by term-limited Representative Charles Ortega.
“The AOGC is endorsing Gerrid Kendrix for House District 52 because his experience in public accounting as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is what our state needs to come back from a challenging economic time,” AOGC Executive Director Bobby Stem said. “Kendrix’s financial expertise will help guarantee that the $60 million in local projects from the 8 Year Construction Plan come to fruition.”

Earlier in June, AOGC announced an endorsement for Mike Dobrinski in the House District 59 race.
“We are endorsing Mike Dobrinski for House District 59 because he supports small businesses and our state’s infrastructure,” AOGC Executive Director Bobby Stem said. “His stances on these key issues are what make him the perfect candidate for the seat.”
Dobrinski has extensive business experience in the auto industry and has owned Chevrolet dealerships in Okeene and Kingfisher for more than 35 years.

In a press release sent to CapitolBeatOK and other news organizations, AOGC leadership said the group “supports the candidacy of small business owners like Dobrinski to help build Oklahoma’s economy and provide good-paying jobs.”

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