Architects of a better life…for others

Jack L. Werner, for The City Sentinel

I have had a personal interest in what is termed “The Aging in Place” lifestyle for many years. I also teach Certified Aging in Place Specialist Certification courses (CAPS) for the National Association of Home Builders. The goal of this training is to educate builders, occupational therapists, and other professionals on how to configure/modify/design a home to better accommodate people wanting to stay in their homes longer.

One of my past students, Bob Chamberlain, and his friend/partner Marlin Wilton have created something unique. Full Circle Home Technologies is the name of the company and their passion is improving the quality of life of individuals with physical challenges caused by aging, medical conditions, or traumatic injuries.

I am unaware of anyone or any organization that does what these guys do. They could be described as inventors, mad scientists, or maybe a couple of technology cowboys! They pinpoint the life challenge the customer has and architect the right solution. They are not bound by any one product or solution; this creates the freedom to integrate the appropriate technology to address the problem. Additionally, according to Bob “just about every day there’s a new/innovative technology that ‘pops up’ that addresses a requirement we’ve experienced.”

Examples of their solutions could be simply implementing smart technology (a fancy term for automating home functions in numerous ways), making architectural modifications to an existing home, or designing and building a new home that addresses livability and extends independence. System solutions may include features that monitor personal health and safety, control in-home systems by voice command or customized programmed automations, home layout designs or modifications that improve home mobility and reduce ongoing maintenance expenses. There is no “one size fits all” with their customers.

Their latest innovation is a virtual “monitoring system.” It is different from most health monitoring systems that require you to push a button for action, requiring you to reach out. But what if you cannot? The FCHT system “reaches out” to you with a “check-in” phone notification at predetermined times during the day. It’s proactive! If you do not respond, a caregiver is notified via phone call and text. It works inside/outside the home or even if you are on vacation. 

The system also is integrated with home systems, so turning on a light (close to a check-in time) notifies the system you are okay and eliminates the need for the phone check-in.

One underlying reality is clear, technology through numerous disciplines is creating the means to improve our home quality of life and extend our independence as we age. Bob and Marlin agree that “most of our customers don’t want to know how it works. They just want the improved quality of life it brings them!”

You may contact Bob or Marlin at Full Circle Home Technologies LLC, (405) 486-9310,

NOTE: Jack L. Werner owns A to Z Inspections, a commercial and residential inspection company serving the southwest. His commentaries appear regularly in The City Sentinel print edition, and from time to time at our news partner’s website, He holds a degree in construction from OSU and numerous certifications including ICC (International Code Council)-certified Accessibility/Plans Examiner, FORTIFIED™ evaluator, and Property Condition Assessment certification. Jack Werner teaches home inspections for Francis Tuttle Career Tech. Designated an NAHB Master Instructor, he teaches Certified Aging in Place (CAPS) and Universal Design courses for the Oklahoma State Home Builders Association and was named the 2019 national CAPS educator of the year by the NAHB. He serves on the board of the Daily Living Centers and is a 40-year member of Rotary. Jack can be reached at 405/412-7861 ext 2 or Learn more at