Another Christmas Carol

Oklahoma City – Recent sketches of a local miracle were varied, and some information about the event seemed contradictory. Some reportorial snooping got a clearer picture, but did not lessen this investigator’s sense of awe, mystery and majesty.

A local minister, born in a foreign land but now one of us, took a severe fall after a morning liturgy. In the fall, he severely injured his shoulder and hand. The pain was so bad, he soon went to see a physician. Available evidence indicated bone cracks.
The minister was instructed to see a specialist and to take steps to prevent further injury.

Securing an appointment with said specialist took some time.
For a couple of days, the minister performed duties with one hand, the other safely held within his liturgical garb to protect it and the shoulder.
He asked members of his faith community – both English-speaking and those more comfortable in the language of his native land – to pray. He encouraged intercessory petitions directed toward Blessed Stanley Rother — a martyred priest from Okarche with admirers worldwide – to ask God to bless the labor of medical workers in the procedure expected to follow after that visit to the specialist. 

So, his brothers and sisters in faith, his friends around Our Town, prayed.
The minister went to his appointment. 
An X-ray was taken as part of the examination.  
A medical person informed the minister there was no break. No need for surgery. He was instructed to get some rest to heal the … what?
One person considering the matter reflected matter-of-factly, “I think that’s what you call a miracle.”

The injured minister soon informed those in his congregation, when he saw them. There is no break, and he will get better. 
Shaken and joyful at the same moment, for many there was no question: “It is a miracle.”
To which, the minister simply smiled.

Was it the shoulder, or the hand? Was it a misreading or misinterpretation of the original information? Or is it a suspension of the laws of nature?
A comment of the late Stuart Chase, about believers needing no explanation, comes to mind. 
You can say, as Chase did, that no explanation is possible for such things. 
I respect that, but I believe no explanation is needed. 

God bless us, everyone.