Analysts, including Pat McGuigan, discuss Election on Oklahoma Forum

Dick Pryor of the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority ( OETA) leads a discussion of the 2012 campaign results on this week’s edition of Oklahoma Forum, first airing at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, November 11. 

The General Election Review includes  Patrick B. McGuigan, Editor, CapitolBeatOK; Arnold Hamilton, Editor, The Oklahoma Observer;  
Larry Stein, Republican Political Analyst; and  Ben Odom, Former Vice-Chair, Oklahoma Democratic Party. 
After Sunday’s initial broadcast, the program will appear several times on the OKLA channel and will also be archived online at OETA. OETA broadcasts on Channel 13, and is Channel 14 on the Cox Cable system in Oklahoma City. OKLA is Channel 112 on Cox. 

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The purpose of Oklahoma Forum is to deliver thought-provoking conversation about important issues, hear from noteworthy guests, and provide a forum for ideas that help Oklahomans become better connected, informed and involved.