An Oklahoma Water Policy Primer, part II – 2012-2016

Oklahoma City – Yesterday (August 11, 2016), an accord was announced that resolved long-standing disagreements over water-related issues among the Choctaw Nation, the Chickasaw Nation, Oklahoma City and the state of Oklahoma. Anticipating the announcement, CapitolBeatOK posted a compilation of stories and links from 2010 and 2011, when the water policy conflicts in south-central and southeast Oklahoma intensified. (

On Dec. 28, 2011, CapitolBeatOK posted its annual compilation of the top 10 stories of the year for Oklahoma government. In ninth place, the online news website ranked “litigation by two large tribes aimed at state government and against Oklahoma City’s water rights, assertions of aboriginal rights by the Caddo Nation, and the rising swirl of controversy surrounding the future of Oklahoma water policy. There seems little room to doubt that water will be a major controversy facing Oklahomans for years, perhaps decades, to come – unless all players are somehow drawn together in a broad consensus that now seems elusive.” 
On Dec. 27, 2012, the annual compilation of top stories included this observation: “Relations between the state and various Indian Nation governments have improved, but remain tense when it comes to Choctaw and Chickasaw tribal claims to water rights in southeast Oklahoma. It now seems likely that 2013 will bring either a grand compromise on that issue, or intensification of the legal fight that pits Oklahoma City’s current and projected water needs against asserted rights of the two tribes.”
In point of fact, discussions among the four parties included in the Oklahoma water negotiations continued for several more years. The accord announced yesterday made no mention or reference to the aboriginal rights of the Caddo Nation. 
The following “primer” is actually a bibliography. It provides links to water policy stories posted on CapitolBeatOK in 2012. As with yesterday’s story and its listing for coverage in 2010-11, the 2012 listings are in reverse chronological order.
Wrapping up our compilation of these eventful years for water policy in Oklahoma, ahandful of stories dated after 2012 are included at the end to help put the new water agreement into a broader context. 

On the Capitol Beat – Top 10 Oklahoma government stories of 2012 

Secretary of State Glenn Coffee to leave office in January

Water fight: Old fashioned fight threatens Oklahoma City’s future

Court mediator names Oklahoma water task force

As he seeks a third term, Senator Clark Jolley of Edmond pushing for significant tax cut

While lawsuit reaches boiling point, other water issues scrutinized

Governor Fallin supports Attorney General Pruitt’s request for ‘comprehensive stream adjudication’

Fallin and tribal chiefs exchange views on water policy

State of the State Address 2012, Mary Fallin

As contending parties ignore the Caddo, Fallin tells Chickasaw and Choctaw leaders, ‘dismiss your lawsuit’

CapitolBeatOk stories posted after 2012:

Governor Fallin forms fact-finding group to study reuse of ‘produced water’ 

Legislators analyze prolonged drought still affecting much of Oklahoma

Oklahoma House of Representatives gathers for special interim meeting

Analysis: On the Cherokee fishing/hunting compact, everything is everything, so stay tuned for details

Water rights victory historic, setting stage for state-tribal case