An Insight and some questions: Obama or Oil? Bust or Boom?

Washington, D.C. – Will fossil fuels ruin America? Or save it?

According to Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe, President Barack Obama’s goal is to leave a legacy of ending America’s use of fossil fuels. That includes coal, natural gas, and oil.

Obama condemns anyone who disagrees that global warming is the biggest threat to mankind, above even terrorism. 

Obama’s solution is spending billions of dollars in crony capitalism to reward his friends.

The warnings don’t match the facts, such as 18 years now of global cooling.

Meantime, major oil and gas discoveries have created economic booms across the U.S. The push is on to export more and to lead the world in oil and gas production. We could reap the economic bonanza that boosted the MidEast for a generation.

President Obama and his group want to deny us that prosperity.

Do you believe Obama? If you like his global warming theories, you can keep them.