An Easter Message from “Mr. McGuigan”

Dear Students (and readers and friends): 

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to write, and to read.
And, since 1976 I have been – off and on, between or in the midst of other professional incarnations – a teacher. 
Here is a message for spring, for Easter, to my students across the years:

I remember seeing you in the hallway, or at lunch, or on the playground (or on campus). 
Your friendly smile always made me think of spring. 
And now it is springtime, so I am thinking of you – when the birds chirp, or I hear a car driving in the distance, or the chatter of squirrels talking things over up in the trees. 
In my backyard, I stand quietly in the sun, or in the rain, in the day or in the night. 
I listen, and I hear you. And in my mind, I see you. And from my heart, I touch your heart.   

When I was a young Daddy (back in 1981), Oklahoma writer Jimmy Webb wrote these words, and I share them now with you:

“I’ve had time to write a book, About the way you act and look
But I haven’t got a paragraph, Words are always getting in my way 
Anyway, I love you. That’s all I have to tell you. That’s all I’ve got to say.”

Editor’s Note: This message first appeared on McGuigan’s personal Facebook page. He is the founder of, an online news service, publisher of The City Sentinel newspaper, the author of three books and editor of seven, and a member of the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame. He is a certified teacher in 10 subject areas. 
Photo 2: The “old guy” teacher and journalist at his back porch desk, complete with a pair of ‘rescued’ cabinets the maintenance director salvaged before for Pat they headed to the city dump. Photo by Oma. 
Photo 3: The “old guy” teacher and journalist, wearing a mask needed for ventures off the home property. That’s a “Kammette” scarf from 1978, when one of Pat’s heroes (retired Oklahoma State University President Bob Kamm) ran a longshot (and unsuccessful) race for the U.S. Senate. Selfie by Opa.
Photo 4:  Good Friday at home, April 2020. Photo by Pat McGuigan 
Photo 5: Old Dog, New Tricks: Pat McGuigan teaching online.