A New Financial Vision Offers a Viable Pathway to Global Economic Stability and Peace — ‘The Evolution of Finance’ from Barbara Guth

Delray, Florida via Newswire.com — “The old ways of doing finance are simply not working for most of humanity,” surmises author Barbara Guth in her new book The Evolution of Finance: A New Vision for Entrepreneurial Innovation. There is no place this is more obvious than in the inventor/investor dynamic. Present-day means of funding innovations benefit primarily the investor, leaving little protection for the creator who often loses control of their creation.

Within her book, Guth masterfully explains how our model of inventor/investor dynamics has been built and maintained over the past 100 years, and why it is necessary to challenge this model and change it at its core‚Ķdelineating the obvious consequences if we don’t. She asserts a new mindset is needed to pragmatically achieve global economic stability and peace.

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“There are truly profound new technologies that will become available to us in the near future. The question of how we will fund these new technologies becomes critically important. It is therefore imperative that our funding model creates a congruency of mission between capital raised and the innovations themselves to achieve our greatest outcomes.”

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Publisher: BOSS Media, Release date: October 11, 2022

ISBN: 978-1-63337-674-8 (Paperback), ISBN: 978-1-63337-675-5 (eBook)

Having launched her own consulting firm, Sagesse Holdings LLC, in 2005, Barbara Guth offers 22 years of experience in the entrepreneurial realms. She has created critical partnerships and provided strategic resources for multiple innovative ventures. She is respected for her extensive global networks in the energy, healthcare, technology, finance, and peace-building/conflict transformation fields. Guth has a strong interest in solving global challenges with pragmatic solutions, and her innovative thinking allows her to create unique answers to financial challenges that have persisted globally for decades.