911 Next Generation Bill Moves to Senate

Oklahoma City – State Representative Jim Grego, R-Wilburton, on Monday (March 20) gained House passage of a bill that would, in the words of a legislative press release, “update the state’s 911 computer system in the hope of saving more lives.”

House Bill 1590 was requested by the state’s 911 Commission.

Grego said currently when people call 911, the system may find their home address, but it may not.

“I have multiple instances, especially in rural areas or where someone lives too close to a county line, of time delays where a person might be bounced around to different call centers while the system tries to locate their address. This update will bring 911 service into the next generation, providing pinpoint accuracy, saving precious time and lives.”

Grego held an interim study on the issue in 2021.

Contained in the study was testimony from several constituents whose children faced life-threatening situations while 911 calls were rerouted and outdated maps hindered ambulance drivers from accessing their homes.

“This will ensure that no matter where someone lives, 911 would know exactly where that person is and get them the assistance they need,” Grego said.

He pointed out that the state’s 911 system was last updated in 1975 and is, in his view, in real danger of collapsing.

The bill now moves to the state Senate where it is authored by Casey Murdock, R-Felt.

The title is off the bill meaning it is, in legislative parlance, “still a work in progress.”

It would have to return to the House for final passage.

Note: Jim Grego serves District 17 in the Oklahoma House of representatives. His district includes Latimer County and part of Pittsburg County.