Letter to the Editor
Letter to CapitolBeatOK.com April 2021 All The Colors of Babies Letter to the editor: Geez Louise! Young Black people, especially the millennials..Read More
Sylvia H. Morales
Letter to Legislative Leaders defending the Comanche and Otoe-Missouri Gaming Compacts April 2020 Note: This is the text of the letter Oklahoma Governor Kevin..Read More
Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt
April 2020 To The Editor: OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - As frightening as is the evolving threat of COVID-19, greater dangers looming befo..Read More
Nathaniel Batchelder, The Peace House, Oklahoma City
March 19, 2020 Letter written to the Editor of CapitolBeatOK: Our nation is facing an unprecedented global crisis that highlights the inextricable bonds of humanity, and h..Read More
U.S. Represenative Tulsi Gabbard, Democrat from Hawaii
November 22, 2019 To The Editor: I’d like introduce myself – I’m the proud son of a highly-educated woman who has served as both an..Read More
Tasneem Ahmad Al-Michael, OU Student
(Note: In simple text, here is the letter from Governor Stitt to the leaders of Native American tribes based in Oklahoma) July 5, 2019 The Hono..Read More
J. Kevin Stitt, Governor of Oklahoma
June 2019 To The Editor: The way in which we treat refugees, immigrants, and visitors is a matter of faith. Care of “the strange..Read More
OCC Communion Leaders (Oklahoma Conference of Churches)
May 16, 2019 For Equal Opportunity, support “Raise the Cap” To The Editor, and CapitolBeatOK readers: This week, Gov. Kevin Stitt and ..Read More
Dave Bond, OCPAImpact, Oklahoma City
March 2019 TO: Governor Kevin Stitt, State Senators, and State Representatives NOTE: This letter focused on “the importance of educational options for parents,&..Read More
Over 50 Oklahoma Pastors
January 28, 2019 Don’t be afraid of a word: Socialism To The Editor: Social democracy is 100-percent American. We may be lateco..Read More
Bob Kemper
January 27, 2019 Our FBI Looks Terrible To the Editor: I don’t care what you think about Roger Stone. He may be innocent, a criminal, a goo..Read More
Paul Wesselhoft
August 2018 My name is Dr. Naheed Ahmad and I am President of Energeyes, a nonprofit association representing optometrists who choose to practice in a corporate-affiliated env..Read More
Naheed Ahmad O.D., Energeyes Association
April 2, 2018 To The Editor: I thought you would like to know that after adjusting for cost of living, Oklahoma’s teacher pay rises from 31st in the na..Read More
Byron Schlomach, 1889 Institute
March 20, 2018 NOTE: This letter from a broad range of national conservative and pro-family leaders was copied to CapitolBeatOK and other news organizations. Open ..Read More
National Conservative Leaders
Editor’s Note: This letter to Oklahoma House leaders circulated on March 8 at the state Capitol. Copies were shared with news organizations, including CapitolBeat.OK. The printe..Read More
Fred Morgan, President and CEO, State Chamber of Oklahoma
To The Editor: A school choice teacher pay raise idea: There are approximately 687,000 children enrolled in public schools across Oklahoma (taking out 8,000 ..Read More
Rod Cleveland
January 19, 2018 To the Editor: Excavation of West Lake Landfill is not necessary. The state of Missouri and the federal government have deemed the site safe. Movin..Read More
Kyle Stoltz, Physics Ph.D. candidate, OSU
January 6, 2018 Letter to the Editor: West Lake Landfill misplaced priority for EPA To The Editor: Recently, I have read a lot of news regarding th..Read More
Will Daugherty, Oklahoma City
December 18, 2017 Letter to the Editor: Grateful Congress has finally listened to the cries of American working families To The Editor: At this time of y..Read More
Jenna Harlow
December 12, 2017 Once-in-a-generation opportunity for tax reform Dear Editor, It has been 31 long years since Congress last passed tax reform to..Read More
Jeffrey Mazzella President of the Center for Individual Freedom
December 4, 2017 Open Letter to members of Congress Editor’s NOTE: Last week, activist Oklahomans working with FWD.us, a national group with a state affiliate, ..Read More
Oklahomans backing legislation to support 'Dreamers' in our state
December 2, 2017 To The Editor: Diversion of county roads and bridges fund a serious problem As stewards for the taxpayers of Logan County, it is difficult to plan t..Read More
Marven Goodman, Logan County (Oklahoma) Commissioner
July 28, 2017 Letter to the Editor: ‘Deplorables’ deserve what ‘public servants’ have reserved for themselves To The Editor: ..Read More
John Terneus
July 17, 2017 To The Editor: Oklahoma petroleum CEOs Harold Hamm and Larry Nichols surely agree with President Trump and most of Congress that continued prod..Read More
Nathaniel Batchelder
July 16, 2017 To The Editor: I have not only followed bribery cases at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission for more than 20 years, I have also assis..Read More
Mike Reynolds
February 14, 2017 Open Letter: Will David Boren distance himself from hate speech? Is it true no public funds were used for Belafonte visit? NOTE: On February 14, 2..Read More
Jonathan Small
February 2017 Dear Fellow Oklahomans: Nationally, we rank 49th in teacher pay and 48th in education, however, with 600 miles and counting we are #2, soon to be #1 in &ldqu..Read More
Frank Volpe
To The Editor: Recent news has revealed controversial actions on the internet. The Presidential Election has exposed shenanigans in cyber space as well as skewed polls, m..Read More
John Terneus
To The Editor: The Family Business Coalition recently conducted a poll of Oklahoma voters, asking what they believed are the biggest issues facing the state. Overwhelmingly th..Read More
Palmer Schoening
To Governor Mary Fallin, the Oklahoma State Legislature, and the Good People of Oklahoma: We represent interfaith and intercultural communities of Oklahoma, and want you to kno..Read More
Oklahoma Interfaith Community Leaders
To The Editor: For more than 50 years, climate scientists have warned that increasing emissions of CO2 and methane from human sources were warming the atmosphere, and that thi..Read More
Nathaniel Batchelder
To The Editor: Pseudoephedrine (PSE) is a common ingredient in cold and allergy medication that can be bought over-the-counter. It can also be used to manufacture meth, which c..Read More
Mike Edwards
To The Editor: Our country has waited far too long to fix our broken immigration system. Without controlling our borders, we have knowingly allowed the undocumented population ..Read More
Lydia Gonzalez-D'Ross
To the Editor: My visceral sympathy favors the police, in a dispute. This I attribute to growing up in a neighborhood where there were no professional persons -- not until coll..Read More
Samuel F. Reynolds
Editor’s Note: This open letter to members of Congress was provided this week to Pat McGuigan, the editor of CapitolBeatOK, an online news service. The Honorable John..Read More
To The Editor: Education is the cornerstone of a productive society and a prerequisite for fulfilling, happy and independent lives. It is because education is so closely ti..Read More
Renee Porter
To the Editor: As someone who recently worked in the state legislature as a Page Chamber Lead, I have seen firsthand how a bill becomes a law. All legislation goes through a thorough vetting p..Read More
Mary Hoke
OKLAHOMA CITY -- Article 1, Section 2 of the Oklahoma Constitution states: “Perfect toleration of religious sentiment shall be secured, and no inhabitant of the State shall ever be m..Read More
George Young
To The Editor: As the old Fram oil filter commercial goes, “You can pay me now, or you can pay me later.” That, my friends, is the scenario we find ourselves in with ..Read More
Brian Renegar
A friend of mine was critical about all the negativity on social media, so I took on the challenge of posting one positive comment each day on social media. I end it with the h..Read More
Joe Dorman
To The Editor: Islamic societies try to destroy European culture. France tried to buy the Islamic folk long ago, it didn't work. The British tried a div..Read More
Sam Reynolds
To the Editor: The problem with a general adoption of the death penalty by reasonable men and women in reasonable times is that the majority of history for the majority of the ..Read More
Tim Gungoll
As a Conservative, I have opposed the death penalty due to my religious beliefs for over 20 years. I took that position because I believe it is important to be consistently Pro-Life. ..Read More
Tim Gungoll
To the Editor: Governor Mary Fallin can and must grant a 60-day stay of execution to Richard Glossip, so that his attorneys can continue their investigation into his probable innocence. ..Read More
Nathaniel Batchelder
To the Editor: I hadn't seen Mark Costello in years until about three weeks ago, at a weekday 5:30 p.m. Mass at my parish, Little Flower Church. I had never seen him there befo..Read More
John mallon
Richard Glossip is on Oklahoma Death Row for murder. He is facing an execution date that is quickly approaching. There are too many inconsistencies to move on, unimpeded toward the taking ..Read More
State Rep. George Young
To The Editor: On September 16th, Oklahoma is scheduled to execute Richard Glossip. He did not commit the murder, and is very likely innocent of any involvement. Th..Read More
Nathaniel Batchelder
To the Editor: I will begin by declaring that I am not a native but am in fact from the UK. I will also declare up front that it is my natural inclination to oppose the Death Pe..Read More
Ben Etterley
To The Editor: My name is Jason Damon, and I'm with the Franciscan Action Network based in Washington, D.C.. "I must admit that, living outside of the state of Okla..Read More
Jason Damon
To The Editor: Baby Boomers have always had a huge impact on American society and economics, and that continues to be the case as this generation moves into retirement. ..Read More
David Derby
Dear Congressman Russell: My church's denomination -- the UCC, United Church of Christ -- is circulating an alert to support the nuclear agreement with Iran just announced. Not..Read More
Nathaniel Batchelder
To The Editor: On behalf of the Oklahoma Pharmacists Association, I would like to thank Congressman MarkWayne Mullin, R-Tulsa, for co-sponsoring House Resolution 592, The Phar..Read More
Shonda Lassiter, DPh President Oklahoma Pharmacists Association
To the Editor: Recently the Tulsa World published an Opinion piece about a Pissarro painting, which left out some important facts ( http://www.capitolbeatok.com/reports/a-test-..Read More
David Boren
To The Editor: This is in response to the article about the Oklahoma GOP (http://www.capitolbeatok.com/reports/oklahoma-county-gop-asserts-complete-disregard), Randy Brogdon, T..Read More
Jenni White
To The Editor: Good news on the doorstep...Monday's Oklahoman (June 22) has as its lead story the movement in the Oklahoman Democratic Party to open its primaries to registered..Read More
Tom Guild
To The Editor: Strong support continues to build among organizations and Democrats to invite registered Independents to vote in Democratic primaries. The Brenn..Read More
Tom Guild
To The Editor: The problem with our state's budget deficit is that all our eggs are in one basket: oil and gas production. Our state revenues mimic the boom and bust cycles of ..Read More
State Rep. James Lockhart
To the Editor: Congratulations for the political fortitude and judgment shown by a majority of the delegates to the 5th Democratic Congressional District Convention (Oklahoma, ..Read More
Tom Guild
To the Editor: Government regulation can take many forms. Actions such as new fees or legislation restricting what products Oklahoman's can buy are two such examples. ..Read More
Hannah Morris
To The Editor: As we will sit around the Seder table, we remember and celebrate our rich and illustrious heritage. In spirit and deed we will be united with all of you and with the milli..Read More
To The Editor: Half of the voting members present at last week's state House Long Term Care & Senior Services Committee meeting, chaired by Republican Rep. Jadine Nollan, v..Read More
Richard Morrissette
To The Editor: In 2011, I lost 70 percent of the hearing in my left ear due to multiple tumors in my brain. I had surgery to remove one tumor that was the size of a golf ball and..Read More
Cindy Houck
To The Editor: The United States must not miss the opening right before us for agreements with Iran that would bring economic benefits to both nations. Such an alliance seems po..Read More
Nathaniel Batchelder
To The Editor: We're besieged by commercials: Gifts. Sale. Marked down. And by holiday movies: Rudolph. The Grinch. A Christmas Story. It's A Wonderful Life, and A Christmas Carol. ..Read More
Ernest Istook
To The Editor: Corporations and nations the world around are making adjustments to the science predicting dire consequences if CO2 emissions are not reduced. On the other side,..Read More
Nathaniel Batchelder
To The Editor, The Health Care Action Team of VOICE, a citizens’ advocacy group, shares the announcement that the Affordable Care Act’s open enrollment period for hea..Read More
Nathaniel Batchelder
To The Editor: We appreciate the deliberative efforts of Chancellor Glen D. Johnson, the staff of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, and the standards review teams ..Read More
To The Editor: Bombing and sending US advisers is proposed in response to ISIS in Iraq. I'm telling Congress and the White House, "Not another war in the Middle East." ..Read More
Nathaniel Batchelder
To The Editor: I’m not a political analyst. As a matter of fact, I only had one political science course while working on my teaching degree at O.S.U. – but I&rsquo..Read More
Jim Beckham
To The Editor: All women in America, and their allies, can now take action supporting the resurrecting and passing into law the ERA - Equal Rights Amendment. Two reso..Read More
Nathaniel Batchelder
To The Editor: It has come to my attention that state Senator McAffrey, a candidate for US Congress, recently used a photograph taken with me several years ago at the Capitol in ..Read More
Al Lindley
To the Editor: In working within the Hispanic community in Oklahoma for decades I have witnessed the impact the current immigration system has on the individual, their family and..Read More
Reverend Lily Gonzales
To The Editor: The recent report by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America confirmed what I’ve already known for years – Oklahoma cities are bad for allergies..Read More
Jenna Harlow
Letter to the Editor As a corporation commissioner, my constitutional duty is to regulate our public utilities. So why is it that the federal government, through the un-elected employees a..Read More
Patrice Douglas
To the Editor: In Oklahoma City on Aug. 1, 1904, three brothers-in-law, Frank E. Anderson and William Lockhart Clayton, cotton merchants, and Monroe D. Anderson, a banker, form..Read More
David Perryman
To the Editor: There is no issue more vital to the future of our state than the education of our children. Oklahoma has momentum—strong economic growth and low unemployment..Read More
Robert J. Ross
To The Editor: The article from Monday, March 31 (“OK teachers’ union and allies contend public education spending is weak, but is it”? (http://www.capitolbea..Read More
Julie Crowe
To The Editor: If the numbers you cited in Monday’s story about the Education Rally (http://www.capitolbeatok.com/reports/ok-teachers-union-and-allies-contend-publi..Read More
Wayland Kimble
To the editor: I was overwhelmed and excited by the turnout for the education rally on Monday, March 31. It was vitally important that Oklahoma teachers demonstra..Read More
Mike Shelton
To the Editor: Professional Oklahoma Educators, a 9,000 member non-profit professional organization, opposes Common Core. A recent survey indicated that 61.7 percent of POE mem..Read More
Ginger Tinney
To The Editor: For seven seasons from 1957 through 1963, actor Richard Boone played a gentleman gunslinger named Paladin in the CBS television series, “Have Gun—Will ..Read More
Rep. David Perryman
To The Editor: Throughout the course of a legislative session, many bills are proposed, discussed and voted on. Lots of times, good bills pass and become law. Sometim..Read More
Tom Newell
To The Editor: Last week, U.S. House Republicans seemed to be taking positive steps forward by announcing their principles for immigration reform; Sadly, that announcement was foll..Read More
Reverend Lilly Gonzalez-D'Ross
NOTE: Ward 2 Council Member Ed Shadid, a candidate for mayor of Oklahoma City, issued this statement after a series of stories in the state's largest newspaper. To The ..Read More
Dr. Ed Shadid
To The Editor: A blog from the conservative Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs. December 23rd, asserts that Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act ..Read More
Nathaniel Batchelder
To The Editor: President Barack Obama believes that food stamps help boost the economy. In like manner, many of our friends on the left and in the hospital..Read More
Brandon Dutcher
Editor's Note: This is the text of a statement from Dr. Ed Shadid, Ward 2 Oklahoma City Council member, delivered at a campaign event the evening of Thursday, Dec. 19. ..Read More
Dr. Ed Shadid
To the Editor: How’s that title, for a provocative question? But it’s the question Jennifer Doverspike asks in an excellent article over at TheFederal..Read More
Brandon Dutcher
To the Editor: It has been an honor and a privilege to serve my friends and neighbors in Rogers and Mayes Counties and be their voice in the State Senate. Serving in the ..Read More
Sean Burrage
To The Editor: Does it sound like they’ve been doing their job? They have to do better. Our U.S. senators should have a staffed office in our state Capitol building..Read More
Lewis Moore, Arcadia District 96
To The Editor: Autumn is a beautiful season in Oklahoma. For allergy sufferers like myself, however, watery eyes and a runny nose go hand in hand with the changi..Read More
Shelby Dunham
To The Editor: Are you kidding me? In a time when state workers haven’t had a pay raise in six or more years, Director Snodgrass of the Department of To..Read More
Rep. Richard Morrissette, Oklahoma City
To The Editor: The issue of gay marriage is only controversial if we are examining it in the context of religion and how different religions view homosexuality. In m..Read More
Amber Bighorse
To The Editor: A recent legislative Interim Study provided valuable input on how to improve a proposal I have made for runaway alerts. This s..Read More
Joe Dorman
To The Editor: The ACLU of Oklahoma is a non-profit, non-partisan, privately funded membership organization dedicated to defending and further realizing the rights embodied..Read More
Ryan Kiesel
EDITOR’S NOTE: From Public Service Corporation of Oklahoma (PSO), CapitolBeatOK received via email specific criticisms of a report referenced in our recent reporting on the ..Read More
Stan Whiteford, PSO Corporate Communications
To the Editor: This past week we mourned the loss of former state Representative Odilia Dank. A tireless public servant ahead of her time, she was a forerunner fo..Read More
Dave Weston Chairman, Oklahoma Republican Party
To The Editor: Immigration continues to be pushed to the forefront of the debate in Congress. An impassioned topic, activists and lobbyists on both sides of the issue h..Read More
Lydia Gonzales D'Ross
To The Editor: I applaud our state representatives for rejecting legislation that would have blocked everyday law-abiding citizens’ affordable access to cold and allergy ..Read More
Carmen Johnson
To the Editor: Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, for the first time ever, many people who have been unable to get high quality, low-cost health insurance will soon be able to do..Read More
Katherine Scheirman, MD
To The Editor: Why are we rejecting Medicaid? The answer given by opponents of the expansion is that it will break the bank, that health care is not a proper function of go..Read More
Anastasia A. Pittman
To The Editor: “Even though I am elated by the recent U.S. Supreme court decision, which favored Oklahoma in a 9-0 vote by the justices, I am still wary of Texas’s ..Read More
Rep. Brian Renegar
To The Editor: Tuesday, June 4, the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association (OSSAA) will rule on the eligibility appeal of David Cornwell, an incoming senior stud..Read More
Bobby Cleveland
To The Editor: This last week wrapped up my first legislative session as a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. I was elected in 2012 as a Democrat to represent an..Read More
Kay Floyd
To The Editor: How highly do we regard Oklahoma veterans? That is the question we would pose after an important bill to address their needs was blocked by one man, the Senate ..Read More
Rep. John Bennett
To The Editor: An important issue is brewing at the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (OKDEQ) and it’s about to have a major impact on your family's budget. Th..Read More
Matt Ball, Oklahoma State Director, Americans for Prosperity
To The Editor: Right now in the United States Senate there are discussions occurring about immigration reform. We, as a country need to start a dialogue about solving this pr..Read More
Estela Hernandez
To the Editor: It may not feel like it now, but spring is just around the corner; and with it, spring allergies. Although a bit later than normal, predictions for this allergy season s..Read More
Erin Baxendale
To The Editor: Currently, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) is reviewing a case that would have a huge economic impact on our state brought forth by actions of the Envir..Read More
Tom Schroedter
To the Editor: So let’s say you’re in a horrific work-related accident and you lose your right arm. How much is that arm worth to you? What would be the financial ..Read More
Senator Al McAffrey
To The Editor: People were understandably perturbed when CNN Money recently reported that Tulsa had more meth labs than any part of the country. It’s important to remind ..Read More
Eric Clayton, Tulsa, OK
To The Editor: Legislative appropriations traditionally have been based on a status quo approach with only slight increments of increased or decreased funding applied to st..Read More
Gary A. Jones, Oklahoma Auditor & Inspector
To The Editor: Thirty-three year old Jane is lying on the emergency room bed complaining of stomach pain. This is her third ER visit in two weeks. She is worried about losing her j..Read More
Rep. Doug Cox, Grove
To The Editor: I could not be more disappointed by the negotiations taking place at the national level. It is shameful that the discussion has come down to a battle on whethe..Read More
David Derby
To the Editor: Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote, “Brand new state, brand new state, gonna treat you great.” As part of the prelude to our iconic state song, those word..Read More
Todd Lamb, Oklahoma lieutenant governor
To the Editor: Work at the Capitol is picking up as we approach our first deadline of the 2013 legislative session. Friday, December 14th is the deadline to request bills. Staff will ..Read More
Senator Al McAffrey
To the Editor: From sweeping floors as a boy in my family’s business to eventually becoming an owner in that same business, I have seen the struggles and desires of the p..Read More
Senator Kyle Loveless
To The Editor: It is said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. In the context of the state budget..Read More
Ken Miller, Oklahoma State Treasurer
To the Editor: Most economists agree that it’s bad to raise taxes when times are tough. Unfortunately, one Oklahoma tax goes up every year. State law allows county as..Read More
State Rep. David Dank
To the Editor: I recently read reports in the Oklahoman and Tulsa World about Asthma and Allergy Foundation’s 2012 Fall Allergy Capitals rankings. Every fall and spring, ..Read More
Lance Maxwell
To the Editor: With State Question 766, Oklahoma voters will be asked to allow a tax break for some of the largest corporations in the state. This would be paid for by a..Read More
Gene Perry, policy analyst with OPI
Editor’s Note: In the 2013 legislative session, state Representative Brian Renegar plans to address new rules adopted by the State Department of Education that will grade school districts on..Read More
state Representative Brian Renegar
To the editor: The 2012 session has drawn to a close. It was, in a word, a disappointment. The Legislature approved a $6.8 billion budget, which is 3.13 percen..Read More
Senator Al McAffrey
To The Editor: Recently I requested the Attorney General to issue an opinion regarding the legality of the State Department of Education’s (SDE) implementation of the..Read More
Rep. Ed Cannaday
To the Editor: In a partisan political age, a fundamental, ideological disagreement often dictates the terms of our debates. That disagreement concerns the proper size and s..Read More
State Representative Mike Brown
To The Editor: Social Security was created in 1935, but it was another 65 years before people at full retirement age could work and collect Social Security benefits at..Read More
State Representative James Lockhart
To The Editor: We are heading into the second half of the legislative session, with only seven weeks remaining until adjournment. Last week was the deadline for single-assigned..Read More
Senator Al McAffrey
To The Editor: I found a very surprising article concerning the state Department of Education in the March 20 edition of The Oklahoman (http://newsok.com/current-state-..Read More
Jenni White, President Restore Oklahoma Public Education (ROPE)
To The Editor: Water in southeastern Oklahoma, particularly in Sardis Lake, has ignited a firestorm of controversy which could impact the policies regarding our most precious ..Read More
State Representative Brian Renegar
February 16, 2012 To The Editor: Republicans admonish government at all levels as bloated, corrupt, and inefficient. In a chanting chorus of Reagan-worshiping rhetoric, ..Read More
Ed Cannaday
July 28, 2011 To The Editor: In response to the Capitol Beat OK article “Barresi, Board of Education approves portions of common education budget on the Oklahoma Stat..Read More
Jenni White
June 3, 2011 To the Editor The history of the U.S. Census is tied to voting rights and to the allocation of federal funding. The first census, conducted in 1790, only re..Read More
Anastasia Pittman
Published: May 28, 2011 To The Editor: The May 24, 2011 tornado outbreak, killing 10 people in Oklahoma, has touched the hearts of many within Oklahoma and around the world. It ..Read More
Cheng Erh Lin Senior Executive Press officer
May 20, 2011 To The Editor: Of all the statements and praise we’ll soon hear about this historic legislative session, in which for the first time the entire executive..Read More
Rep. James Lockhart
Published May 3, 2011 To the Editor: Almost ten years ago I worked for USDA-Wildlife Services. I volunteered to help with the recovery efforts after the September 11, 2001 attacks. I w..Read More
State Rep. James Lockhart
Published 12-Jan-2011 To The Editor: It’s self-evident that actions speak louder than words. What’s also true is that political actions speak louder than campaign promises. ..Read More
State Representative Al McAffrey
December 30, 2010 Dear Editor: On December 24, The Tulsa World reported that Oklahoma would receive $20 million for health reform. During the 2010 campaign Republican candidates uniformly ..Read More
December 29, 2010 Dear Editor: As we sit around the dinner table with family and friends this holiday season, let us not forget to appreciate the gifts of love, trust, and respect. These are..Read More
Dear Editor: During the eight years of the G.W. Bush administration, two foreign wars were waged, with no taxes levied to pay for them. On the contrary, a tax cut was passed, mostly benefiting A..Read More
Dear Editor: Over the past year, Taiwan has made great strides in rebuilding its infrastructure after Typhoon Morakot devastated the island in August 2009; however, the success of reconstruction ..Read More
April 15, 2010 Dear Editor: I once thought of The Oklahoma Farm Bureau (OFB) as an organization actively working to make a positive effect. However, I have been saddened by OFB’s dis..Read More
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