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To the Editor:

From sweeping floors as a boy in my family’s business to eventually becoming an owner in that same business, I have seen the struggles and desires of the people in this state. Our family’s business, having grown from a shoe repair shop to an international manufacturing firm, is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of Oklahomans. We are a state with an intense independent “can do” streak, and one that has always looked upon public service not as a lifelong career, but a job to get done and move on.

Having recently taken my oath, I have sworn my allegiance and support to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma. I take on this great responsibility with the determination that together we can continue Oklahoma’s growth. 

As the 54th Legislature begins next year I am prepared to work hard for not only my District, but also the state of Oklahoma. It should not be the headlines coming out of the Capitol that matter, but necessary discussion and discourse in finding solutions. 

Working across the aisle — Republicans, Democrats and Independents — will move Oklahoma forward into a more prosperous state. 

Oklahoma is working through an eight-year plan to revamp and recreate roads and bridges in the state. This is an important project within each county of Oklahoma as better roads lead to better jobs, which lead to a better economy. This improvement will immediately impact our state by creating jobs and economic growth. 

Leaders and lawmakers for years have been trying to improve the state’s education system. Being the product of both private and public education, and having teachers in my family, I understand the challenges within the school system. It is time that Oklahoma ensures that our students are receiving the best education. We need to discuss ways to improve inefficiencies, not close schools, in the best interest of the children.

Native American Indians, relocating to Indian Territory in the 1830s, is where much of our history begins. I intend to be a vital part in keeping the culture and appreciation alive. The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum, which is located in my district, is a project that by working with the public and private sector can be accomplished. Though it is a great addition to our state, the cost is significant but well worth it in the long run, and we need to move past the gridlock on this issue. I hope to lead the charge-to leave it unfinished is fiscally irresponsible.

We have seen Oklahoma pick itself up from the ashes and flourish into a thriving state. I understand the struggles of living paycheck-to-paycheck and it is my purpose that hard-earned dollars are spent in the most efficient way possible. Every piece of legislation that comes across my desk will be taken seriously as I work to manage million and billion dollar budgets.

I am honored to serve the people of this great state and look forward to working with many dedicated and driven Oklahomans to continue making out state the place to live, work and play


Kyle Loveless

Note: Senator Loveless, newly elected from District 45, took his oath of office with other new legislators (and incumbents beginning new terms) last week at the state Capitol in Oklahoma City. 

Senator Kyle Loveless

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