PSO Spokesman: ‘We applaud and support’ A.G. Pruitt’s efforts for state primacy

EDITOR’S NOTE: From Public Service Corporation of Oklahoma (PSO),  CapitolBeatOK received via email specific criticisms of a report referenced in our recent reporting on the EPA “regional haze” regulations, and related issues. The text of this email, edited for clarity, appears below.

To The Editor:

Regional Haze (RH) and Mercury Air Toxics Standards (MATS) are here to stay.  

(Concerning William Yeatman’s analysis published by Americans for Prosperity), we're not sure if AFP or the author of the report understand that. We applaud and support Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s efforts to maintain state primacy in developing environmental compliance plans.

This is exactly what PSO (Public Service Company of Oklahoma) has accomplished -- an environmental compliance plan that was developed by PSO and state leaders.  We were afforded this opportunity through the litigation the A.G. advanced, which allowed for additional time to rework the state plan. We have successfully turned back a federal implementation plan being forced on PSO customers and developed an alternative that best addresses the needs of our customers. 

The report issued by AFP and CEI (Competitive Enterprise Institute) contains numerous factual errors. It should be important to note that the AFP report calls into question PSO's modeling. PSO hired with the consent and input of the Attorney General and OCC (Oklahoma Corporation Commission) a consultant to perform the modeling.

It also seems curious that the majority of the report is focused on PSO's decision to use more natural gas as being an "inferior option." The report is not largely about EPA overreach but rather an apologetic for coal, and how PSO should have used scrubbers.

Ironically, this is what the EPA advocated in their federal implementation plan, which in the short term is much more expensive.


Sincerely, Stan Whiteford, PSO Corporate Communications

Stan Whiteford, PSO Corporate Communications

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