Proposed tax hikes on businesses are childish
To The Editor: 

I could not be more disappointed by the negotiations taking place at the national level. It is shameful that the discussion has come down to a battle on whether or not to tax upper income brackets, which typically include businesses small and large. Why would we tax the cornerstone or our economy, especially at a time when so many Americans are out of work and the economy is struggling? 

While our national leaders have continually overspent, leading us to tremendous budget shortfalls, President Barack Obama and a number of Congressional Democrats now want to fix the problem on the backs of those who have been successful, in part, because they balanced their budgets.

The urge to tax upper income earners is a childish urge to strike out at those who have weathered the recession better than others, as if because they have done better that they are somehow culpable for the mess we are in. Unwise government lending practices contributed to the housing bubble and ensuing crisis, yet President Barack Obama would blame upper income earners for not doing their part, when in truth they contribute more to the national budget than other income groups.

Although I understand the position Congressional Democrats have put Congressional Republicans in, I am also disappointed in U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner for caving and agreeing to tax increases. I believe that tax hikes will discourage productivity, which in turn could result in revenue losses or at least no significant gain in real revenue growth. In the meantime, we will see trillions in new taxes, $50 billion in new spending and no forward progress on spending.

It is truly a sad state of affairs.



David Derby 


Note: A Republican, Rep. Derby represents District 74 in the state House.

David Derby

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