Our FBI Looks Terrible

January 27, 2019 

Our FBI Looks Terrible

To the Editor: 

I don’t care what you think about Roger Stone. He may be innocent, a criminal, a good guy, or a scumbag. The jury will tell us in time.
However, liberals should be upset as I am that some 27 FBI agents in military gear, M16’s pointed, handcuffs ready, conducted a predawn secret (except for CNN) raid on this 60-year-old, financially broke man without a gun permit and an almost expired passport.
He and his lawyer were cooperating with the investigation.

I hope the liberals of old are anger that our arresting agents have become so militarized. Perhaps one day, these troops will raid a liberal’s home.
Someone ordered this type of raid. Where is the ACLU? This is not a good day for the FBI and America!


Paul Wesselhoft

Editor’s Note: A former member of the Oklahoma state Legislature, Wesselhoft is a writer based in Oklahoma City. This is adapted, with permission, from a recent Facebook post. 

Paul Wesselhoft

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