Morrissette assails executive pay hikes

To The Editor:

Are you kidding me? 

In a time when state workers haven’t had a pay raise in six or more years, Director Snodgrass of the Department of Tourism gets a $40,000.00 raise. And, by the way, she is the former political consultant of Governor Fallin.

Governor Fallin approves executive pay raises, state workers get nothing! That’s about right for the Governor…that’s how her office has operated over the past 3 years.

Department of Human Services workers remain underpaid and the department out of compliance with the mandated requirements placed upon it by the court and our corrupt system of government signs off on this thievery while all other state workers haven’t had a raise in years.

It’s bad enough that our hard working line staffers are facing increases in insurance premiums without compensation and are told by arrogant legislators up here that any raise in pay must come with a comparable cut to a department’s budget. Denying state workers a pay raise is window dressing to appease the hard right’s constituency and it’s the most self-defeating political maneuver I’ve ever seen.

Hypocrisy should be the Republican leadership motto for the way they’ve run our state. This is the party that brags about less government and less spending yet when it comes to giving out pay raises to old friends and political cronies, the sky is the limit!”

I believe in one sentence Governor Fallin could stop this double phony standard [in] House Bill 1717, which I did not vote for. I have good bills that have passed both chambers that sit without action being taken so it wouldn’t be anything new.

Please, everyone, call her office and tell her how you feel. This is wrong for our state workers and wrong to make Oklahoma taxpayers a party to this action.

Sincerely, Richard Morrissette, Oklahoma City

Note: Morrissette, an Oklahoma City Democrat, represents District 92 in the state House of Representatives. He was one of 10 members who voted “no” on House Bill 1717, by Rep. Leslie Osborn, R-Mustang, a measure allowing the pay increases for some state agency executives. In all, 74 members of the House voted yes, while 17 were excused


Rep. Richard Morrissette, Oklahoma City

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