Letter to the Editor: Grateful Congress has finally listened to the cries of American working families

December 18, 2017 
Letter to the Editor: Grateful Congress has finally listened to the cries of American working families

To The Editor: 

At this time of year, people around the country are reflecting on what they are thankful for — time with family, career advancements, and this year, we can be thankful for our Congress and their work to improve our tax system for the better. 
I am grateful that Congress has finally listened to the cries of the American working families and small businesses, and has finally taken action to fix our outdated and broken tax system. 
As unbelievable as it sounds, our tax code hasn’t been updated in 30 years. The current system not only requires an accountant in order to understand its tenants; it also, is filled with tremendous amounts of loopholes that suppress economic opportunity and growth. As a result, we just cannot compete domestically and globally in this current economy, and on a smaller scale, we can’t provide the proper wages and job opportunities to the hard working middle class people who deserve it. 

As I said, I am glad that Congress has stood up for us and has drafted a tax bill that will lower the double standard deduction for middle class families, lower business rates and help to close the loopholes that will help to equalize our tax system for everyone. 
I just hope that Congress will continue down this positive path and work to pass this legislation before they head home for the holidays this year. 

Jenna Harlow, Oklahoma City 
Editor’s Note: Congress is expected to vote on tax reform/tax cut legislation on Monday, December 18 or Tuesday, December 19.

Jenna Harlow

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