At the Cliff of Civility, conservatives should step away from the death penalty

To the Editor:

The problem with a general adoption of the death penalty by reasonable men and women in reasonable times is that the majority of history for the majority of the world has been dominated by unreasonable men and women.

Political whim put Saint Thomas More to death for standing by the principles of his religion. The death penalty almost put Fyodor Dostoevsky to death but for a last minute reprieve. In times like these, where political whim and religious intolerance are on the rise, it does not make sense to leave a tool on the table as an option that tyrants and dictators could use against people for exercising their fundamental rights.

As Moslems burn Christians alive in the streets in many countries and ISIS looks for ever more vicious and brutal ways, like the crucifixion, to kill Christians, the arbitrary application of the death penalty worldwide now outnumbers the attempted reasonable and humane use of it.

With government now completely out of touch with the values of those who fund and enable it, it is worrisome to leave such a tool in the Leviathan's hands.

We are now on the ledge of the cliff of civility; it would be prudent to back away for a while and look at the shining city on the hill instead of the abyss at the edge of its cliff.

Conservative reasonable persons should move slowly back to our foundational roots: the primary fundamental right to Life and the Sixth Commandment which requires reflection and respect for the value of human life.

Sincerely, Tim Gungoll

Note: Gungoll is  an attorney and a long-time conservative leader. This is adapted from his recent post on Facebook –

Tim Gungoll

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