Al Lindley, former legislator and county Democrat leader supports Guild in House race

To The Editor:
It has come to my attention that state Senator McAffrey, a candidate for US Congress, recently used a photograph taken with me several years ago at the Capitol in a political ad. The use of the picture implies that I endorse him for this important office. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Although Senator McAffrey and I were seatmates during my last term in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and I consider him a friend, I am voting for Dr. Tom Guild.

While Dr. Guild served the Oklahoma County Democratic Party as Secretary (2009-2011) I was elected Chairman. During the two years we worked together, I discovered that Dr. Guild is not only a leader but can be a team player. Those attributes caused me to support him in subsequent elections for Fifth District Congress in Oklahoma.

Dr. Guild will be a leader but as situations arise, he can sit down with others as a team player and search for common ground. 

I’m voting for Dr. Tom Guild for Congress and I hope you will too,
Sincerely, Al Lindley

Editor Note: Lindley represented State House District 93 in south Oklahoma City for 12 years (1996-2008), and was county Democratic party chairman.


Al Lindley

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