‘The gifts of recovery’ – The December 19 Statement

Editor’s Note: This is the text of a statement from Dr. Ed Shadid, Ward 2 Oklahoma City Council member, delivered at a campaign event the evening of Thursday, Dec. 19. 

To The Editor:

Dina and I and our attorneys will not attend [the Dec. 20] proceedings related to the unsealing of our 2004 divorce files given that we feel that attempts to protect our children are futile.

We have always made it clear that we had no objection to allowing the media to see the entirety of our divorce files, but in a way that would protect our children. There was very little which we wanted redacted for their protection. All such efforts were rejected by The Oklahoman and the judge appears to have made her decision before hearing the merits of the case.

Although it will be painful, I pray that some good will come from the discussion of what addiction can do to a family. It is critical that the people of Oklahoma City know how common this disease is, what it is doing to our city and that there are treatments that work if we will in vest in them.

After my brother’s death in 2004 I hit rock bottom. In many ways, my brother’s death made it possible for me to live. My former wife, co-parent and friend Dina helped me to get to treatment and for that I will be forever grateful as it was the most powerful experience of my life. My relationship with Dina today is an example of the gifts of recovery.

Today I am asking the people of Oklahoma City for your forgiveness just as I have asked God for the same.

I am grateful for the gift of redemption and the opportunity to atone for my past.

I will not waste that opportunity and have sworn to God that I will work for others as a way of making amends.

I fear not keeping this commitment to God far more than I fear what anyone might do to me.

I will question the way the city’s priorities are decided by a few people and will continue to fight to disperse decision-making power to the people.

When a newspaper suppresses information about its friends and goes to any lengths to politically harm its opponents, the goal is to silence dissent.

Last night, my 12-year-old daughter asked me why the newspaper was doing this and I tried to explain that it was because they wanted me to stop fighting the way decisions were made. She responded, “So keep fighting.”

I want both her and the people of Oklahoma City to know that nothing will stop us from fighting and on March 4th, we will win.

Sincerely, Ed Shadid

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