Seize the moment for immigration reform

To The Editor: 

Right now in the United States Senate there are discussions occurring about immigration reform.  We, as a country need to start a dialogue about solving this problem for both our current citizens and for future generations.  Modernizing our outdated immigration system is one of the most critical issues facing our country today and Congress must take action to enhance our business climate, grow our economy and enrich our local communities – especially here in Oklahoma. All facets of the debate have merit and need to be considered and part of the final framework of the bill.

A huge opportunity will be lost if partisan gridlock prevents this from moving forward. At a time when so little gets done in Washington, I hope passing this legislation remains a priority for Oklahoma’s Representatives in Washington. We haven’t seen a genuine opportunity like this in decades, and we have to seize this chance to make a lasting impact for the good of all our citizens.

I would encourage our nation’s conservative leaders like Heritage Foundation President and former Senator Jim DeMint, who was in Oklahoma City this week, to seize the important opportunity before him.

He has an opportunity to influence this discussion for the better, and his leadership could undoubtedly encourage others to take action and help ensure we approach immigration reform in a manner that is not hurtful to our economy or our national security.

I think all Americans, conservative and liberal, Republican and Democrat will agree that modernizing our immigration rules is in the best interest for our state and for our country.

Sincerely, Estela Hernandez

Note: Hernandez is the Fifth Congresional District Republican Party Committeewoman for Oklahoma, and Oklahoma County Republican Party Outreach Chair. 
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