Saving Glossip, Supporting Justice

To The Editor:

On September 16th, Oklahoma is scheduled to execute Richard Glossip. He did not commit the murder, and is very likely innocent of any involvement.

The murderer was Justin Sneed, who killed Barry Van Treese with a baseball bat in 1997. Glossip, Sneed and Van Treese all worked at the motel where Van Treese’s body was found. 

Under interrogation, Sneed confessed to the murder, but was encouraged to name others involved. Sneed was told that if he were the only perpetrator he would face the ultimate punishment. He eventually named Richard Glossip as ordering the murder for money. 

No physical evidence ever linked Richard Glossip to the murder. The only evidence against him was Sneed’s testimony, given with the prompt that if he implicated someone else it would help his case. For his testimony, at trial, Sneed got life, while Richard Glossip was sentenced to death.

Richard Glossip had no record of violence, no prior arrests, and had an excellent work record. In prison for 18 years, Glossip has been a model prisoner, showing no sign of “future dangerousness.” 

Across America, only one in 100 murders results in a death sentence. Even death penalty supporters agree that death should be only for “the worst of the worst.” Richard Glossip does not come close to that standard. 

Nobody wants an innocent man executed. Governor Mary Fallin can stay Richard Glossip’s execution or commute his sentence. She must hear from hundreds of Oklahomans urging her to prevent this miscarriage of justice. 

To phone or email Governor Fallin, go to A petition to stop Richard Glossip’s execution can be found by typing “Save Richard Glossip” into any browser or server.  To learn more about the case, visit

Sincerely, Nathaniel Batchelder
Director, The Peace House, Oklahoma City

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