Our Republic is not a Democracy

To The Editor: 

Does it sound like they’ve been doing their job? They have to do better. Our U.S. senators should have a staffed office in our state Capitol building where they can report to the state Legislature on a regular basis and strategize ways to better protect our sovereignty.

Their loyalty is to the state, first and foremost!

Our state sovereignty team lines up like this: An informed, registered-to-vote, citizen – otherwise known as “We the People.”

One state representative and one state senator per state citizen, enforcing constitutional boundaries and communicating with the U.S. senators.

One governor, representing all state citizens, communicating with other governors to protect individual state citizens’ rights and state sovereignty.

Two senators, in Washington, D.C., interceding to protect our sovereignty, acting on behalf of the state Legislature.

The state sovereignty team combined can present a powerful united front and take action to force the federal government to respect the constitutional boundaries around them and do the limited role they’ve been given to the best of their ability.

Don’t accept less from your elected officials!


Sincerely, Lewis Moore

Note: Moore, a Republican from Arcadia, represents House District 96 at the state Capitol in Oklahoma City. 



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