“NO to Obama’s war in the Middle East”

To The Editor:

Bombing and sending US advisers is proposed in response to ISIS in Iraq. I’m telling Congress and the White House, “Not another war in the Middle East.” We tried that, and it backfired.

The two wars of that era brought only destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan, and resentments against the US around the world. When the Iraq War was launched, taxes were cut instead of raised to pay for it. No surprise that debts in the trillions resulted.

Now, Dick Cheney wants to do it again. Before the Iraq invasion, Cheney told Tim Russert on “Meet the Press” that American troops would be welcomed as liberators and the war would be over in weeks. Why the national media still seek Cheney’s opinion is mysterious.

President Obama is dead wrong on this issue, and must hear from the people, “Just say no to war.”

Peace and Onward,
Nathaniel Batchelder at The Peace House in Oklahoma City
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