Letter to the Editor: For Equal Opportunity, support “Raise the Cap”

May 16, 2019

For Equal Opportunity, support “Raise the Cap” 

To The Editor, and CapitolBeatOK readers:

This week, Gov. Kevin Stitt and the Republican supermajorities in the Oklahoma Legislature announced a budget deal that gives an extra $157 million to public schools, including a $1,200 teacher pay raise, plus funding increases for other areas of government.
With a week left in this year’s legislative session, there is still time for Oklahoma lawmakers to Raise The Cap on the Equal Opportunity Scholarship program.

Please CLICK HERE to send a quick message to your legislators asking them to Raise The Cap on the program:
[Cut and past this: https://www.ocpaimpact.org/action-alert?id=MTQ1&utm_source=OCPA+Master&utm_campaign=bc84ecc0b6-Action+Alert%3A+Capital+Gains_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_1acebeac5c-bc84ecc0b6-137156817]

While the increases in education funding may prove beneficial for Oklahoma schoolchildren down the road, many children who are falling through the cracks today need help NOW.
The Equal Opportunity Scholarship program provides lifelines for thousands of Oklahoma children. But the program is capped, limiting the number of children who get help.
Your legislators at the state Capitol are still hearing from special interest groups on other issues. 
Please  remind them that Raising The Cap is an urgent priority for you. 

Sincerely, Dave Bond, OCPA Impact (Oklahoma City)
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