Letter to the Editor: Family Business Coalition supports Oklahoma wind tax credit

To The Editor: 

The Family Business Coalition recently conducted a poll of Oklahoma voters, asking what they believed are the biggest issues facing the state. Overwhelmingly the poll shows that not only do Oklahomans want more state investment in wind power, but also that they believe eliminating the state wind tax credit is a poor solution for fixing the state budget. 
Throughout the poll, the more voters learned about wind energy, the more they support it. Wind is a job-creating, clean, energy source that is allowing Oklahoma to diversify their economy while simultaneously preparing for the future and benefiting consumers. Simply put, Oklahomans want more investment in wind power, not less. 
Today, Oklahoma is 4th nationally in the generation of wind power, with local schools and counties expected to gain $1.2 billion in tax revenues from wind projects.
Wind projects have created 7,000 jobs in Oklahoma, producing economic impacts that ripple across the state and add to the bottom line of local businesses. Research also shows that Oklahoma’s investment in wind power will lead to lower electricity rates in the long term, helping family businesses be more profitable.
Oklahomans clearly believe in the state’s wind potential and value the fact that wind creates jobs and produces local tax revenue for schools and communities. I hope that Oklahoma’s leaders will listen to the voters and do everything they can to protect the contributions that wind is making in the state.

Palmer Schoening
Chairman, Family Business Coalition 
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